Digitone + midi keyboard vs Digitone Keys - playability

TLDR: Is DN + midi keyboard as playable as DK?

I used to have digitone keys. Miss it every day.

Now I’m juggling whether I should get a regular digitone and use any of my current keyboards to play on it, or get a digitone keys. The price difference is a bit for me.

I remember on my old DK that it was really nice to be able to just select the track that I wanted to play/modify, then play on the keyboard, or just do a simple transpose on what is already playing on the track. And the hold and ARP buttons were very handy.

Now obviously the regular DN doesn’t have a keyboard nor transpose control, but these can be added with a midi keybaord. So I’m wondering if I’m able to do mostly the same stuff with that setup as on a proper DK?

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In terms of keyboard, what’s missing on DN+K Vs DNK is ability to send Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Aftertouch to external synths.

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