Digitone LEDs flashing when Power off

Maybe I am missing something obvious but does anyone else notice that the digitones leds are flashing all white about every 10 minutes when the device is switched off and even when the power plug is pulled out?

Please let me know.


Elektron light house feature to guide you in the night…but you must move slowly, every ten minutes.

Seriously, did not see this, strange

Same issue here! Mine is flashing every 2:30 minutes… check it out: [Fixed!]

they’re communicating with the mothership…


Can understand that could be funny, but I need to know if it’s a faulty unit :wink:

my opinion… a check with the elektron does it, maybe you open a ticket, it was a problem of internal power supply that could deteriorate with time!

It doesn’t happens to me, but it’s the same flashing I see when switch on the unit.

Thanks! Could it be… I’ve tried all kind of stuff, also swapped the external power supply from digitakt to digitone… same issue. Seems to be an internal issue of the digitone.

Fixed at last! Faulty multi power strip!! Digitone not switched off from the on board power button, probably was receiving some interference! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Same here. Sorry should have posted this solution earlier but I thought that this is such an unique issue that nobody would actually care. Weird