Digitone keys price drop?

Seems like the DK has dropped in price - 859£ in the U.K. - I think it used to be a couple of hundred more? Shame there’re none in stock though!

Anyone know if it’s just a sale thing like the Syntakt?

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They went from 999, to 1200, to now 899 euros here in Holland. I got a b stock one today for 583 euros, black friday deals.

I think when stocks are gone the digitone keys will be end of sale.


So the price will probably go up as soon as the end of sale occurs? what’s your prediction? :slight_smile:

If you want it you might as well buy it on sale but I wouldn’t think of it as an investment

But it is oos everywhere

Thomann, Turnlab and Perfect Circuit have it in stock.

That’s one good looking piece of equipment. Funny how much hate it got on release.