Digitone Keys or Digitone + New Arturia keystep?


I am new to this forum. I always loved FM synthesis and I might get tempted by a Digitone in a quite foreseeable future.

A quick question though: would it be better to go with the Keys edition or the new Arturia keystep ?

As I am a guitarist and not a keyboard player, I generally use my left arm to play melodies on a keyboard.

I was thinking about that option because both keyboards have aftertouch and the Arturia seems to have a quite nice arpeggiator.

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Digitone Keys. No explanation offered, but I do own a Digitone and an og Keystep

Main plus of DN is size so it’s not a simple one, but the DK is the no regrets path

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Keys has quite a few additional features – all performance controls to the far left and the knobs above the keyboard. More features can be accessed with direct key pressses. Entering poly notes into the sequencer is naturally easier, that may not matter if the you have an external keyboard. Small thing is the keyboard has a nice tilt toward you making it easier to see the screen. I have owned both and now only the Keys, I think it is a better instrument unless you need something mobile.

I just realized the DN Keys is only $250 more than the DN, that’s crazy!

I would probably go digitone, but primarily because it’s size is one of my favorite things about it. I find myself connecting a keyboard to write patterns and then disconnecting it to perform them. The separate track outs aren’t that important to me, so most of the benefits of the keys are lost on me.

I would say that if you plan on using it in a static studio type getting the keys would be best. The multitrack stuff is probably very useful in a more conventional studio. (I don’t really multitrack my songs as I just make music for fun, I just mix everything down to stereo.)


I have the original keystep and DN and I really do wish I had the DN keys instead, mainly because of the performance controls. I do also have an Akai MPD-226 and I map the sliders to the Mod parameters of each track which is awesome, but having it more integrated would be a plus. The keybed on the DN keys I hear is also outstanding, and I would love to have full-size keys.

I had DN and og keystep. Traded for the keys. Larger keys than the keysteps mini keys, nicer after touch. Go for the keys!

…if ur not drowning in keyboards yet, the keys version not only opens up ur tone to new dimensions, way more than just adding some other keyboard controler of any kind to it, it’s also a damned good keyboard for itself, easily capable of controlling all ur other stuff, too…
…or do u have already a solid main keyboard that offers individual poly aftertouch into ALL directions…?..plus nice additional controler knobs that also can adress anything around u…

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My personal recommendation would be the Digitone + a keyboarded synth (not a MIDI controller keyboard). So, for example, a Digitone + a Novation BSII. The Digitone can sequence the synth and act as a mixer plus an FX unit for the synth.

Also, if you use your left hand to play keys you may find the Digitone Keys a bit awkward. When I use my Digitone with a small keyboard I always place the Digitone to the right of the keyboard as I am right handed.


If they were the same price, which would you get? I can get the keys for under 800 but I’m wondering if the size of the regular is really worth it despite lacking all the pros of the DK.

Do you envisage truly and frequently taking the module with you places?
If not, I’d get the DK.

Benefits of the Keys over DN + keyboard:

  • pitch-bend, mod-wheel, aftertouch that can be sent to external synths
  • 8 useful but also assignable knobs
  • individual outs (may be very useful, or not)