Digitone inbound. Suggested resources?


Gradually getting back into synths after a 15 year hiatus. New to Elektronauts, but not Elektron - actually bought a Machinedrum when they first came out.

Anyway, while I’ve not historically been into FM, the videos I’ve seen on the DN are pretty compelling and I was able to get a killer deal on a barely used one, so I’m pulling the trigger.

Now that I’m headed down the DN rabbit hole, what would you suggest in the way of videos, etc. to help me get a handle on this little box?



Welcome to Elektronauts!

Cuckoo’s Digitone Mega Tutorial is a great place to start:


I recommend dissecting the RTFM sound pack :nyan:


I second this, watched a few times while waiting. Helped immensely to start digging in and jamming.


New Digitone user here, found Cuckoo’s video super useful as well, but do definitely feel like it’s a general 101 and would love a few more advanced sound design and sequencing videos.


Cuckoo is good as usual. I like the ones that lean toward teaching tricks, more than the basics. The Digitone is very easy to explore as it is. It’s actually difficult to make something that sounds bad on it. :smiley: So, things like sequencing tricks, conditions, sound locking, MIDI etc. might be most valuable.


That’s got to be my favorite sound pack name, I still laugh when I read it… :grin:
For those that don’t know, it’s made by the guy that wrote the manual… :slight_smile:


The Cuckoo videos are geared towards absolute beginners and I’d say if you’ve used Elektron before you don’t need to spend an hour an half watching that. I liked this one by Loopop because it’s geared towards musicians and much shorter which equals more time playing. He covers all the important basics like Algorithm ratios, envelopes, sequencing, etc.

What helped me the most though was downloading the whole manual vs the slim version included in the box. I’ not usually a manual person, but it’s worth it for this guy even just as reference whenever you think “how do I do that?”

EDIT: It’s not just a review.


No offense to Mr. Cuckoo, but I find his style too aloof/scatterbrained for me to get into. Alternatively, Red Means Recording @jjbbllkk is doing a series on the Digitone right now that is more exploration than tutorial. I agree with the idea that beginner tutorials for Digitone aren’t necessary as it will start to make sense very quickly. The main differences will be in workflow, as that is the part that is most different from the machinedrum. Be prepared to lose hours the first time you turn it on. It’s a wonderful machine and really gets you hooked. Enjoy.


If you’re familiar with Elektron products or can find your way around Digi boxes with relative ease, I would recommend checking out Red Means Recording’s recent vlogs on the Digitone. I think it’s most important to really understand how the synth engine and pages work, and RMR does a pretty good job explaining them in a simple but focused fashion. You will probably pick up on figuring out the synth engine quicker with his videos than with anyone else on Youtube.



Yeah, I LOL’d when I saw the name.


Thanks, everyone, really appreciate all the responses. The DN is now in-hand and I’ve got a chunk of time free tomorrow, so I’ll be watching some videos, digging into the manual, and seeing what chaos I can produce.


Indeed! What I love about the RTFM soundpack is that the sounds show off the personality of the digitone a lot more comprehensively than many others. Digitone isn’t all about classical FM, its a “hybrid” digital synth, and the pack showcases this beautifully.


RedMeansRecording just pushed a 6 part series out, this is part I. (:


Check out Nostalgic Ruckus’ videos for inspiration. Also the Co5ma patch banks and videos are awesome.