Digitone (DN+DT) only music

Is this what we do?

groov-sound-pool.syx (338 Bytes)
groov-pattern.syx (23.4 KB)

PS. nothing universe denting, just an initial test of this method of sharing.

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Not mine, but a friends. He made it using a Digitone, Digitakt (sampled linndrum and bass guitar)

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Dude you are coaxing some really alien waveforms out of that machine. Disgusting and gorgeous :sunglasses: Dig it

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Many thanks. I was pleasantly surprised with what the Digitone is capable of when I pushed it towards reese basses and dubsteppy tones. In fact, even though I’ve had the DN since shortly after its release, I hadn’t really experimented too much with these types of sounds on the device until a couple weeks before loading the video.

It’s cool to see how other people use it too because there are guys like Substan and Ivar Tryti (and so on) who coax out some really lush tones while Ess did a recent workshop on overloading the DN to distorted oblivion…

Do you have a link to Ess’ video?

I like the vibe of what you’re doing here. A more rolling sound that kinda reminds me of og ragga-based dubstep, with a techy edge. A couple questions - I’m assuming your drums are all sound locked on one track? Also, I hear that the bassline is often composed of a couple basses doing different complementary things. Are the modulations just coming from the patches themselves, or are you programming a lot of parameter locks during the course of the notes?

The Ess video is a recorded livestream embedded in this thread:

Concerning my drums, because I was trying some new stuff nothing is organized in a consistent way :man_facepalming: While many of the percussion sounds are soundlocked to a single track other times they occupy two, in which case I would soundlock leads or ambient noises to sparsely populated tracks (like if had a ridiculous track with only a snare on step 9).

The bass uses a couple different methods. Sometimes I would layer a sub and highpass the weird gurgling wubs. Other times I would leave the bass content of the stranger basses untouched without a sub. I did, in fact, use a ton of trigless trigs to modulate everything (lfo speeds, filter encelope, and especially the A/B levels on pg.2). While the low end sounds ok on my headphones/monitors I’m a bit concerned it’s too muddy deep down and wouldn’t sound great on a loud system.


First track with the Digitone. Analog Rytm on drums.

Edit: one more

This track is digitone only, check it out!

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Hi. DN received yesterday, no brainer keeper!
I definitely prefer its drums compared to MD.

After around 4 hours on it :


Glad to see you got it and that you like it!
Cool chill track
Enjoy :smiley:

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Yay - welcome! Glad to see you here. I would love to hear a few words about your method of composition. Is this all done with the internal sequencer?

Share your thoughts, please.

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I’ve let the DT play a simple two bars loop with one instrument forever while I was twisting knobs, then I panned the recording on the left side and delayed the right side by 1 bar :slight_smile:

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Hey, all. Just posted a track using a DN and M:S. All of the other tracks on there are predominantly DN+M:S.

As an aside, just got an alert from a local music shop saying they got more M:C in stock. Ordered the only one left at 3 am! Very excited.


Thanks for welcoming!
Where is the “I love DN” thread? :content:

1 bar pattern, trig conditions, 2 tracks for drums with soundlocks, 1 for kick / snare, another one for hihats like. Live rec tweaking.

2 tracks with arp from default sound, random lfos on different fm parameters.

Not really a composition, A minor live playing. Mutes.

The really cool thing with DN is that when you play live, arp is synced! Not the case with A4 or OT, can’t tell about MC. Missing random arp (TRC workarounds but…)

I’m just lazy using 1 bar with TRCs most of the time! :smile:
I made a much more complicated song for my son with OT Arranger (he’s too lazy to learn a poem so I made a song with it):content:


i love DN too :slight_smile:

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Oh, I see. So the chord changes were not sequenced, but played in? Is that right?

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Yeah that is great and the way it should be. M:C’s retrig unfortunately doesn’t start synced.

(Still on OT you can set trig quantization to 16th notes so it should start synced that way, right?)

Apparently not in live conditions. Toothpick workaround

Improv only DN + Reverb