Digitone / Digitone Keys 1.21 : bug reports



i tried to record notes from ableton to the digitone sequnecer. Overbridge is enabled. I used an external instrument to send notes to my digitone. The notes are recorded via rec+play. its all good. the trigs are set and recorded correctly. Than i disable the external instrument to use the internal sequenzer of the Digitone.

But after that, every time i use live recording on exactly that track on the DN (rec+play again) (and only this without doing anything else) some of the trigs are like overwritten to yellow trigless trigs. after restarting the digitone its not happening again until i record notes from ableton again.

is this a bug? anyone who can try to reproduce this?


after restarting the digitone its not happening again until i record notes from ableton again.

Most probably your external gear and/or ableton are sending midi information on this channel of this track to the DN. Might be some strange CC value (some modulations/automations/OSC’s…), not necessarily notes - which is why the trigs are yellow.


Yes thats what i thought first too. but i deleted / turned off all sending devices in ableton. i also disabled midi for digitone in ableton and receive midi in the digitone settings. but no solution, still this strange effect.


Others seem to have similar Ableton related issues: Hanging notes?


Since updating the firmware. program changes don’t seem to work when sending from the DN to external gear via MIDI.

I have the DN sequencing an arp on my Bass Station 2 and I have the trigs parameter locked to a particular patch on the BS2. It does the program change when I first swittch the DN on, but doesn’t do it again until I power the DN down and and switch it on again.

This worked fine prior to the firmware update.


I was experiencing this too. But I haven’t seen it since updating to 1.21


totally crap, reporting in december already hanging notes, just simply using the machine alone, not even using lfo’s, or the sequencer, just playing notes without anything midi attached!
In my opinion Elektron has never heard of note priority when it rans out of polyphony! It clicks or hangs notes!


Ok maybe i found a workaround. i copied the recorded trigs on the track to another track and back. after that it seems to work.


Notes getting stuck with more than one sound/track being used.

Does not seem to happen if i only play on T1 (channel 1), but as soon as i try to play T2 the notes for T2 can become stuck, playing endlessly, depending on rhythm or where i happen to press pause.

Seems like it doesn’t recognize Note-Off sometimes. I have had enough space between the single notes. Nothing extravagant. No chords or anything.

I can then only recover by turning off the device. Loading another sound on the stuck track doesn’t help. T2 keeps droning.


For the first time my DN suddenly get off/on 2 times while jamming around with it. I was only playing around with one preset on one track and fx-use. This was the first time happening. Os-updates have been without any problems.

DT was the master clock and was running smothly.

I will be watching at.