Digitakt with Maschine?

Absolutely :slight_smile:
Map your external synth(s) CCs as macro in Maschine
Tweak them accordingly
Record as many (64) lock States as you want
Done :slight_smile:
I have done this with a Volca Keys and MicroFreak
Works great and gives life to your synths :slight_smile:

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Step automation yes, but not p-locking? It doesn’t snap back to a default value after the step?

The last value entered is saved until the next value is reached.
And the opposite of the Ableton implementation, where the value is only held for the entered step and then jumps back to the original value. Iirc

imho, p-locking and step automation is the same concept as you hold down a key and move a knob, but named differently.

But that is just my opinion :v:

Modulation applied in step edit does snap back to the default value at the end of the step length.

However, the modulation steps can have different lengths to the note steps and they are not necessarily cancelled by the following note step, because it is a pitch parameter only event.

In Elektron sequencers the following step always cancels (reverts to default or different parameters) the actions of the previous step because each step is basically an all parameters event.

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Don’t forget Maschine’s ARP is fun as well :slight_smile:
MIDI notes can be then recorded in DT.
Also the randomised/humanizer…

Thanks @Stickhit for the explanation I was no longer sure and could not have explained it so well anyway :+1:

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The only issue with Maschine and DT is OB: a nightmare…

That’ll be the time i get the DT, once Overbridge is working right. By then ill have some money saved as well :rofl:

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As previously mentioned, they don’t really compliment each other, as there is loads of overlap but I find Digitakt far more fun to use and would strongly recommend it.

I have got ideas from Digitakt I never would have got out of Maschine. It is also really nice to have something outside the computer.

As a side note, I have become frustrated with the lack of meaningful updates to Maschine in the last few years. It annoys me that Jam cannot be used independently from the main controller and that there still isn’t proper time stretching. The sound engine needs work as well, I ended up going back to battery 4 for my drums as it sounds better. (Sorry I drifted off topic! This has been annoying me for ages).

I’ve actually have been having a hard time deciding whether I want to get Maschine or DT back since I had to sell both (along with most of my gear) two months ago and I’ve been leaning back towards Maschine simply because it offers more for less money than DT.

As much as I loved DT, I always hit a certain wall where I felt like I couldn’t do much more till I tracked it out with OB. Once I was at that point I wondered why I didn’t just do everything itb anyhow. This thread has actually reminded me how much Maschine really did in comparison so I think I’m grabbing another MK3 soon. I’ll still always have a place in my heart for DT tho; there’s magic in that box.


I have a good feeling about NI is about to drop Maschine version 3 soon as well and I have very high hopes for that. Still gettin that DT tho at some point!

Theres somethin to be said about working outside of a computer and like ZDS said above, it sounds like its easy to come up with different ideas on the DT that you normally wouldnt have made in the Maschine.

DataStrain: I was watching your video this morning on Lock states on the MK3 and resampling. Good stuff!


Oh damn! Will give that a play asap

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Might wanna peek this if you missed it


Yoooooo if Maschine 3 is stand alone… CMON SON


I just realized this is an elektron forum. Oops, my emotions got the best of me LOL

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Nahhhh man im where you’re at! I’ll be hyped if they make a standalone maschine. Hopefully it would force them to take a bit of a rework of the arranger

I actually kinda knew about that already, but quite frankly I don’t want a standalone Maschine. With how their software development has been I don’t trust them with starting a whole new standalone adventure. Ave Mcree/Traptendo just did a video about the same thing and I agreed with him that it honestly just might not ultimately be in their best interest. Plus it’s guaranteed they will never match the price point of something like the Mpc One for example.

In my opinion, it all goes back ITB in the end anyhow, so why take the extra step? My computer is much more powerful than any standalone out there right now so I don’t mind utilizing it especially since I do a lot of YouTube videos, Photos hop, etc involving Maschine.

Funny enough today I got a ridiculously good deal on a sealed MK3 from a friend so I’m committed to sticking with it.

You can’t really go wrong with a mk3 anyway man I just thought I’d let you know before buying but obviously didn’t mean to put a downer on your new grab. I agree to an extent, if they committed to it though I don’t doubt they could out perform akai coming from an all software background, the whole interface is just cleaner and more evolved than MPCs software in my experience. I’m all for ITB work but I definitely would make good use of a standalone version. I’d imagine that it will be more in line with the live/x than the one seeing how the mk3 came out with better features than the studio for cheaper. Honestly the mk3 is rad and my complaints of it are more personal problems than actual issues with the thing. Welcome back to maschine land

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No downers brought, my guy! If I didn’t already know about the possibility of a standalone that Def would’ve made me second guess my decision. I was hating pretty hard on the MK3 near the end of me having it last, with the poor Ableton template and lack of updated integration and all, but once it was gone I realized everything I had given up. It’s my favorite piece to perform on because of the layout and how hands on everything is. I can mute/solo/performfx, change patterns and scenes, and finger drum so easily compared to Ableton and Push.

If the standalone was in a similar MK3 factor and had newer/better looking OLED type screens like Push 2, with battery power and all whilst not being ridiculously expensive I’d bite. It would definitely take a solid reworking of the current software though. I just don’t have that kind of faith in NI personally even though I like their products.

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Yup - that’s exactly my thinking atm. I’m getting lots of great ideas in DT - but they are little more than extended loops - that will need to be tracked out into a DAW for arrangement and mixing.