Digitakt with Maschine?

Whats up everyone. Elektron newbie here and first time post. Im on the fence with the digitakt and im hoping i could get some convincing and reasons to buy the digitakt.

I make hip hop and I’ve been using the Maschine platform for about 10 years. I’m very familiar and comfortable with that workflow and don’t plan to depart from Maschine but I would like to start incorporating other gear into my current workflow. I know the maschine can already do most of what the digitakt is capable of but Im attracted to the Digi’s sequencing abilities and unique workflow. I’m trying to convince myself that i could benefit from the Digitakt but do you guys have any specific ideas of how the digitiakt could fit into my Maschine workflow? Thanks in advance.


You could easily control your VSTs instruments and effects from DT. P-Lock CC values, have DT being master or slave, resample the vast NI library that has come with your Maschine.
I use Maschine with Jam controller and still would not separate from either :slight_smile:
2 completely different workflows.
What Maschine hardware do you use?

I used to love adding the Maschine expansion sounds to my DT to make beats. Lots of goodies in there. As for sequencing I never found a real reason to use both, especially since both are mostly drum machines. Maschine can do a lot of the same per step automations/ p-locking, just not conditional sequencing (although this doesn’t really matter since Maschine isn’t limited to 4 bars.)

I basically used my Maschine for any at-the-desk beat making, and DT for couch/bed/travel beat making.


I was wondering about this…

…in a lot of ways Maschine does pretty much all of what the DT does, and it’s already in the box.

I love working on the DT - but it someways I think I’m just duplicating what I can already do with Maschine.

So, for you, given the functionality overlap of the two devices, you keep both - just to use in different environments?

You can do per step automation / p-locking in Maschine?!

Really? :flushed:

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Yeah using them together in tandem just kinda felt like over kill. I preffered each for different reasons. When I wanted to make really layered and dense beats I used Maschine, for sample based Lofi and Boom Bap I used the DT. I unfortunately don’t have either anymore due to poor circumstances.

But yes, in Maschine you can enter Step Mode, lay down a step, press and hold said step, then change whichever value parameter you wish to automate. I’m not sure if this is an MK3 exclusive or not but that was the model I had. The only thing I didn’t like was using the 4x4 grid in comparison to DT’s 8x2, but it was still pretty powerful.


It is not exclusive to the MK3 :love_you_gesture:


Ah, cool - I’ve still got an MK1 running 1.8 - so maybe it’s not in there.

Yeah, I never gelled with the 4x4 step sequencing either in Maschine.

@ 5:20 he shows the step automation aka p-locks stuff

i am a MK1 owner and a happy p-locker :love_you_gesture:

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I usually have VSTs instruments in Maschine, controlled from DT sequencer.
Using Jam as replacement controller (in MIDI mode) for Traktor.
Still the vast NI library is worth it for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. I have the MK3 that I’m VERY comfortable using. I do get Into creative beat blocks sometimes so I was hoping the DT would break me out of creative droughts with its unique workflow. I would then Resample those loops back into Maschine . I’m starting to think it’s overkill to get the DT though (I still want one really bad). I’m starting to think a Roland sp404 might be the best add on for me, mostly for the on board FX.

I would recommend the Digitakt over the SP404, especially if you’re interested in the 404 for the effects. You would get much further using some VST effects in Maschine IMO. The effects in the 404 are definitely good (I have the SX model), but the sampling workflow is… a step back or two from what Maschine can do.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the DT as an add-on to Maschine… it probably works great for that in many setups, but I generally do not care for syncing hardware sequencers with DAWs/software sequencers. Used together I would be sequencing the DT from Maschine, but at that point I’d rather just stick with Maschine.

If you want a unique workflow to use to get away from Maschine when you’re feeling a creative drought, then I definitely recommend the DT. It is a joy to use on its own or fed by a couple sample sources. Sampling the loops you make into Maschine to take things further would be a good workflow IMO. Perhaps you’ll even enjoy using them together, syncing the DT to Maschine but using the DT’s midi tracks to add conditional trigs to Maschine. Either way I would choose the DT over SP404 any day, unless I wanted to play back long audio tracks/stems (in stereo), which is where the 404 shines IMO. DT effects might seem more limited but you can get very far with resampling.

I had and sold the DT as someone who primarily uses Maschine… i felt it didn’t provide anything new.

You can p-lock steps (except changing sounds) in Maschine too so there’s no benefit there…

The DT is a great piece of hardware though.

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Yeah DT doesn’t offer a whole lot into the Maschine realm unless you just want to make crazy samples to sample into Maschine, but similar results could be done itb anyhow. Not to forget Maschine also has things like the Lock States which can be used for morphing parameters. Lock states are kinda of like scenes on the OT, just not with a crossfader and slightly less smooth transitions.

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Gaining some great knowledge. Thank you. The DT can go on hold for a bit. I rarely use the lock states on Maschine so I think its time to start workin those into the workflow. The gear lust is strong but Im gunna work on mastering what i already have untill i can afford to have DT as a side piece.

Good advice. More tools is rarely the answer - especially when there is often yet-to-be-tapped functionality.

My recent acquisition of the DT has had me thinking about how I can revisit the Maschine in new ways.

While I’m really enjoying working out of the box - on just the DT, I’m thinking I may eventually flip it, and use those funds to upgrade my MK1 Maschine to MK3.

Whether it’s hardware or software, I’m all about whatever is going to bring the fastest, most intuitive workflow.

I’m kind of contemplating the same thing for the same reason.

A lot of the functionality that the DT has (all, minus conditional trigs) , Maschine has.

So I find I’m replicating a lot of the same functions on the DT that I already had on the Maschine.

The main advantage it brings is the focus of being not on a computer, and having a relatively limited toolset - which keeps you focused and teaches you to be resourceful with your sounds.

The downside is that it’s an extra step to get things back ‘into the box’ for arrangement - but with Overbridge, it’s no biggie, I guess.

Lock States can happen straight away or on a 1 bar or 2 bars duration. Lock States can also be applied to external synths from NI hardware :slight_smile:
They are still 2 completely different animals.


You can use lock states to morph midi CCs? :hushed: