Digitakt + Virus TI2 + Virus C

Hi fellow Elektron/Virus users,

Last week I received my Digitakt and I was planning to set it up as a controller for my Virus TI2 and Virus C. Both synths are in multi-mode which allows for multiple (16) synth sounds to play simultaneously.
I am able to control the TI2 by simply connecting the DT and TI2 with a MIDI cable. My problems start when I connect the Virus C to the TI2 to ‘daisy-chain’ MIDI through the thru port of the TI2. (see below)

DT MIDI out >>> TI2 MIDI in
TI2 MIDI thru >>> C MIDI in

The problem
When I play a note to send MIDI it triggers both the TI2 and C. I have been playing around with the MIDI ports and other settings but can’t seem to get this right.
I have been reading about MIDI, particularly multi-timbrality, and found the following:

There are 16 available channels on any MIDI port and apart from some exceptions, all MIDI data is ‘bound’ to a channel. For the above to work, Synth A need to send it’s information on the same channel Synth B is expecting something to receive. Simply put. If Synth B Rx (Receive channel) is set to 3 it will discard ALL MIDI on the input which isn’t on channel 3. If Synth B is multitimbral and has different synth voices you can assign channels to each voice independently on the synth. Each voice will in turn only react to messages on the channel it’s set to listen too.

My question for you
Would I be able to configure the Digitakt and the Virus’ in a way so that the first 4 MIDI tracks control the TI2 while the last 4 MIDI tracks control the C?

All help is greatly appreciated :grin:


Yes. You have the correct daisy-chain connections. Just set up the two synths so that they respond to different MIDI channel numbers, and set the MIDI channel numbers on the DT’s MIDI sequencer tracks accordingly.

Will I be able to use multi-mode on both machines this way?

i would think so. just set each machine to different channels… so like 1-4 for Ti2 and 5-8 for the C

How do I set these channels? Can’t seem to figure this out…

I believe sequencer mode is generally more ideal for sequencing via external gear, but I don’t think the MIDI channels are changeable. According to the manual, the MIDI channel will always be the same as the part.

At the moment I simply mute parts as a work around. :slightly_smiling_face: (set patch volume to 0 on parts 1-4 on the C and 5-8 on the TI2)