Digitakt suddenly not playing audio on some patterns

Hi everybody and thanks in advance for any help. My DT suddenly decided not to play audio on 2 patterns yesterday in the middle of a set and again today whilst writing a new one. DT is plugged to an OT that sends master clock and sends midi to a Bass Station II. Everything has up to date firmware. I don’t understand what’s happening and it’s very frustrating. This had never happened before, other patterns seem unaffected but the ones affected have absolutely no audio.

Appreciate all help.

Take the OT out the picture temporarily … It seems like as good a place as any to start to help you understand where the issue lies - if the DTplays normally then add in MIDI functionality to the OT progressively until it repeats - then look at what the OT is actually sending, there are many ways to generate MIDI messages

If it doesn’t seem like it’s related to incoming MIDI then look closer at DT aspects - but keep a simple setup

Thanks for your reply. I did. Digitakt still not playing audio from those specific patterns when plugged in all alone. I’m puzzled by this since it happened so suddenly.

I know this sounds obvious, but are your tracks muted? This one got me once since I could still play the sample with the button, but it wouldn’t play in my pattern.

The fact that it only happens on certain patterns makes me think of 2 possibilities :

  • The track are muted as AlmaxMere mentioned (in the purple Mute per Pattern mode that you access by holding FUNC and hitting BAMK 2 times)

  • The Pattern volume available on the left of the compressor page is all the way down (you can change it with MIDI CC so maybe the OT did something weird like that)

Also are these 2 patterns using the same samples as the other that still play correctly?

Is default velocity set to zero ?

No tracks aren’t muted

Have you changed the audio routing settings? I had the exact same problem today using my Digitone standalone after using it with Overbridge. Took me a while to work out why some sounds and patterns were silent.