Digitakt sequencing Vermona DRM?

hope not ask same (noob) question again and again. I did some research but I’m not sure about my result:

The Digitakt isn’t the optimal device for sequencing the Vermona DRM1 MKIII because I would need all the midi tracks for each drum sound on the Vermona?
(Maybe some solution here:

but not easy for live performance)

If so what was an alternative sequenzer for the Vermona DRM :
With the Octatrack I had the same problem then?
Are there any other hardware sequenzer with similar features like the Digitakt?

Thank you!

Beatstep Pro is used often with the Vermona DRM, bought my BSP for that task (but … did not get the Vermona DRM, opted for the MFB Tanzbar).

i have used the digitakt to sequence a vermona drm with no problems.

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The vermona default receives to midi channel 10 the following are it’s factory default notes to trigger the sounds.

Additionally, page 18 of the manual explains how to change the midi settings on the vermona and utilize midi learn. The sounds can each be set up to have there own individual midi channel but it is not necessary.


Wow, great to hear that!
May I ask you how? You’re not running short on MIDI channels of the DT then?

if you use the ‘chord’ function of digitakt you can have 1 trk with 4 drum sounds triggering per step , but it is annoying to edit and create quick patterns.
if you figure out where they are on chromatic keyboard it’ll make it easier to do hi hats/closed hi hats , as theyll choke each other anyway. (i think).

perhaps just group certain sounds if you do want to use less channels.

midi learn is a bit weird though , you cant do them all sequentially , but youll figure it out , i’m sure its on google/youtube somewhere.

Thank you for your answers so far.

According to your answers it seems to be possible to program a Digitakt for sequenzing a DRM by using only one MIDI channel via CC.

I’m not clever enough for CC programming yet but I’m not saying there is no hope…