Digitakt Project Files Including Sample Storage


I’m new here and I have (like a lot of other users) quite a few questions.
I will start with the most important one first.

Do you guys know if Elektron is working on the option of saving Digitakt Project files including samples?

This would be awesome because then I can save my projects and delete the other samples from the drive.

Now I’m always worried of deleting the wrong samples.

Have a great weekend!


I don’t think so.

This feature is asked for AR for years!!!


Ok, thanks for the quick reply


I think it’s very likely that will happen when Overbridge gets released for digitakt actually.


Yeah, and when is that finally going to happen :slight_smile:


The whole DT universe is waiting for such an update …
Dude take your time to check this Forum, you will see some rumors like decembre …
Don´t expect a fully working OB or samplemanagement tool :sweat_smile:


I hear ya. :slight_smile:
As long as it’s stable and has multiple out recording options.


Stable? :joy:


Are you scared of losing data or is your DT full?


I agee,
no backup is def. the worst case they could force us to …

I´m sure you will experience less crashes after updating it, but updating can also fail
and i´m sure the new features will only work with an updated machine.

I had a really nice crash-experience while rocking a crowded club, that´s why i´m not using it live at this time.
But i have never lost any work progress :wink:


“There is an update which allows backups coming in the relatively near future, hopefully before the end of this year.”

  • Elektron Support


That’s awesome


Sounds cool, any updates on this subject ?


Projects can be backed up with sysex using the c6 software. Samples can be backed up using the transfer app.


Not what the op or many others are looking for though, the current proccess is overcomplicated and uninviting, more for desperate measures than regular use. Proper backup should be as easily as an os update, plug in a usb, send the file(samples and pattern data), job done. Then you can wipe what you like and reinstall when you need to without any confusion.


the poster asked if there was an update on the subject. That is the update. You can back up projects with c6 and samples with transfer.

Is it the solution for backup people have been asking for, probably not.