Digitakt program change issue with novation?

I’ve been having issues sending program changes to novation synths (bass station 2 and mini nova)… when i start the pattern on the DT the notes play but the program on the synths doesn’t change… when I stop the DT and start again the programs change correctly on the synths… it works like that every time I play a pattern… first time I play no program change. Press stop then play again and it works fine… the crazy thing is that I can do program changes per step with the DT and the BS2 and it works like a charm… any ideas why this happens? Other synths I’ve used with the DT don’t have this issue (Mopho, Roland boutiques, dx7)

Just did some more testing… only seems to happen on the first time I play a pattern after I boot up…

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I can confirm this

I just ran two separate tests, one with BSII & one with Mininova, sending program changes from the DT and had no problems. How do you have the devices setup?

hey thanks for your reply. I did further testing on my own and contrary to my initial post it only seems to happen the first time i run a pattern after powering on. I’m assuming this is a digitakt problem though i haven’t tested this scenario with my other synths… its not a huge deal but seems kinda quirky that the DT doesn’t want to send the program changes the first time i run a pattern after powering on but then works flawlessly thereafter.

No problem. I haven’t encountered that problem with our DT so it may be worth speaking to Elektron about this… You could run a MIDI Monitor app and check the program change messages are being sent from the DT too. Let me know if it does appear to be an issue with the Novation devices and I can look further into it.


First question that Elektron Support will ask: which OS Version do you use?

paul i have this weird issue with BSII when i change pattern on DT and on both patterns i have different program changes locked it jumps to some init patch for split second and after that to my locked program

Have tried monitoring the output from the DT? This should give you a clear indication if the program change messages are being sent out as expected.

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