Digitakt | preview samples from a plocked start position


is there a way to trigger (or “preview”) a sample from a p-lock´d start position when the sequencer is stopped?
of course i can play the track and set the start point while listening, but for longer/slower sequences it could be a bit time consuming…

thanks, j

Nope sadly, as previewing ram slots

too bad. thanks for the reply…

P-lock trigs to zero and then adjust the parameter to hear the new value?

iam not sure what you mean. could you please elaborate? thanks

Ah, just flipping the issue 180- if the other values are p-lock for their trigs, then the knob isn’t going to affect them

There is an alternative way indeed. It could fit your need :wink:

I was searching for a way to preview p-locked steps on my Digitakt, too. I tried the description from @Ymsey, but I don’t understand it.

Another workaround is to use “test patterns” and copy/paste the triggers as described here:

Seems to be the best solution.

It’s a pity that there is no other way to preview a single trigger with alle parameters.

I do not know if I mean the same, but I am looking for a way to choose an alternative sample as a parameter lock, but like to flip through my samples by prelistening. Is there a way to trigger the sample while holding down plocked button?