Digitakt + Octatrack pattern change bug - still?

Been reading old threads from 2018 but not hearing anything recently about the Digitakt delay 1 bar when switching pattern from the Octatrack…
Setup - OT running master to DT via midi. DT firmware 1.11 , OT MkII firmware 1.31.
Octatrack: Prog ch send on, Ch 14 - Recv on, Ch 14. Transp Send on, Recv on- Clock Send on, Recv on. Under Pattern settings: Scale mode normal (or per track, doens´t really matter), Use pat set. 16/16. Under Master (Scale) set to Inf (but should reset after 16 steps hense the use pat set 16/16)
Digitakt: Sync: Clock recv on , send on, progr ch recv on, progr ch send on. Under Channel settings: Progr chg in ch 14 (same as OT) , Progr chg out 14 (same as OT). Pattern length (doesn´t matter if set to per track or pattern, I´ve got it set up as 16 ch length)

When I change pattern on the OT, most of the times it takes one more bar for the DT to change to that same pattern! I say most of the times cause once or twice it changes at the correct bar. But only rare occasions, sometimes…
Is the bug still there or am I missing something?


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