Digitakt not recording in time?


Any time I hold record and press play to live record, the metronome gets off beat from the actual pattern, making it really difficult to play in time. Does anyone know why this is or how I can fix it?

If it’s any help, I am stopping the pattern rather than pausing it with the play button mid-pattern. The four on the floor kick and metronome are very much not in sync, and I’d like to get them to be in sync if possible.

I don’t know if it has something to do with recording unquantized, but any help would be much appreciated.


I have recently experienced this as well, only after the update from 1.11b to 1.11. I never had this problem before. Has anyone reported this as a bug?


Have you checked the metronome time settings?.


I’ve just got the Met turned on, 120 BPM, 4/4. Pattern is 64/64.


What about the other way round, any chance the track scale is different to the metronome scale?, thats been added with the update so there are opportunities for the two to be different, other than that I dont know.


Track Scale is 1x. I’m really not sure either.


I see no way to get the metronome off beat, so I guess it can only be the other way around.

Have you checked the microtiming of your “four on the floor kick” trigs? If you live recorded them unquantized these trigs are probably off beat …


I have; thanks everyone for responding, but I think I’ve figured out the problem. I’m sending transport from both the Digitakt and the OT. I believe what is happening is:

  • Say I start the pattern from the OT. Ok, the pattern starts on the Takt/Tone, cool.
  • I stop playback on/from the OT. Sequence stops, cool.
  • I go to the Digitakt and hit Record + Play, I think it is giving me the mid-sequence metronome clicks of the pattern I was just listening to.
  • In a way that’s good as the connectivity is working, but I need to stop the sequence on the Digitakt, THEN hit record+play.
  • When I did the step above this one, that is when I was able to record in time again.

To solve this, all I need to do is just turn transport off on both the Digitakt and Digitone, correct? I’ve currently got my OT sending/receiving both clock and transport, and I have the Digitakt doing the same thing. I would like to make the OT the brain of the trio, I simply need to turn transport off, but keep the clock receive in the Digitakt and OT both on. Is that correct?

Lastly, is there a way I could press record + play on the OT and be able to record patterns on the Digitakt/Digitone?

I apologize for the convolution.