Digitakt not changing patches on Minilogue OG

Hi, everyone. I just got my first Digitakt a few weeks ago and I’m loving every second of it. This is my first post here and my first Elektron gear so I apologize in advance if there’s an obvious solution to this problem I’m not seeing.

My DT is sending program changes to my Minilogue changing it’s patches when I twist the encoder. Everything works fine. I twist the encoder and Minilogue responds properly.

The problem:
If Minilogue is using patch sound number X and I press play on a pattern on the DT sending program changes telling the Minilogue to change patch to Y, nothing happens. Minilogue only changes patches when I move the encoder.

I’ve scoured the internet trying to find a solution and haven’t been able to. Is there a solution to this? I saw some people had similar issues but no answer.


I’ve encountered a similar behavior and I think it has to do with ensuring it sends the program change message (MIDI messages are usually only sent when there’s a change, like how T Rex only sees things when they’re moving).

The workaround I I’ve used is parameter-locking program change (hold the TRIG key for it and press the encoder for PC) on the first step or note in the sequence, which guarantees the message is sent.

Does that help?

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Thanks for your response Scott. I really appreciate it.

This workaround makes total sense and even though it didn’t work something weird happened:

I did exactly what you suggested and then changed the Minilogue patch to some random sound to see if the Digitakt could change it back to the correct patch.

I press play, the pattern goes on but the patch didn’t change at all.

Hit stop a few times and then play again. First few notes were played with the wrong preset but then it magically changed to the preset I wanted. Tried again and it didn’t work. :thinking:

So weird. It makes it even more confusing to me. Did this happened to you as well? Maybeit’s time to contact Elektron support?

having similar issues with an Access Virus TI Snow tbh.
Would be interested to hear if anyone else is in a similar boat…

It used to be that P-locking a Prog CHG would definitely fire it, even if it might be late. Now it totally seems like the only way to fire a Prog CHG message for certain is to physically move the button, or change the pattern.

Elsewhere it seems like people suggest it has basically been changed so that P-locks don’t fire a Prog CHG unless it’s different to the current program as far as the Digitakt is concerned (as of 2.0)

Not sure if that’s gospel… but it certainly doesn’t seem to work anymore (seems like a pretty frustrating change if so…)

I definitely think it feels a bit buggy now though, like sometimes it doesn’t fire them at all, and it varies as to how late…

@zinoom - what OS are you on? Wondering if this is a problem made worse by the “song mode” update of OS 1.4…

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ha, and now it seems to be doing it more reliably on pattern change, for no reason I can see at all!
no idea what changed… maybe something in DT midi settings…


Thanks for the response, Duck.

I’m currently on the new 1.40 OS. It’s so weird that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Everyone have a different experience regarding this problem… it’s so confusing.

I sort of gave up searching for answers. Now I’m just hoping they fix this bug on the next update. Guess I’ll have to stick to one patch through the whole set or change it manually when needed. :worried:

Anyway if you see something interesting on the internet regarding this problem please share with us! Thanks.