Digitakt modified with internal battery


Sure. Any device that has enough space inside.


I have no interest in doing this but I think it’s awesome. and I’d love to see a full walk through of how you did it.


Very interested


Very cool! definitely interested


@laikrodiz would you give us more information about soldering and part list?
it seems that you are not interessted in sharing this :frowning:

some of us (like me) are not good circuits and soldering but have someone who can make it


I’ll be modding my Octatrack in a few days and will make pictures of the process. All MK2 Machines are exactly the same in this context.


As to DIY instructions, there are a lot of videos on YouTube, that can be found by googling «3s 12v bms battery».

The batteries and bms board I used is slightly different, but the whole idea is exactly the same.

In my case I used 21700 type LG M50 batteries and a 40A 3S BMS board with balancing. The batteries should be welded together, not soldered ideally, but soldering should also work, just try not to overheat the battery.

Here’s a random video that shows a similar assembly procedure:


Here’s how it looks from the inside.
You basically solder two wires to 12v and ground on the switch and that’s it. The BMS board manages the whole charging does overcharge and short circuit protection.

BMS board used: Noname BMS 3S 40A Balanced version

Batteries used: LG M50


Nice, thank you!


Hm I’m curious why elektron didn’t just build it like this …


I agree I remember a post saying " “no room” sick of the BS from manufacturas these days its not just music devices its across the board.



I plan to rebuild this with 18650 cells. Because the DT expects 12 V DC power, I’m not sure how many batteries I actually need.

3 batteries (11.1 V) or 4 batteries (14.8 V)?


My first prototype was with 18650 cells, worked fine, but didn’t last as long as I wanted. I also used BMS without balancing back then.

Mine worked with 3 cells. They actually charge up to 4.2v that gives you 12.6v total pack power. Elektron PSU though only provides 12.15v, so you won’t be able to charge to 100% with it. But even 90% is good enough in my opinion.

DT turns off at around 10.89v, so you have 12.6—10.8 working range. The batteries can go as low as 3v each, but it’s not advised to discharge them to this level and the BMS shouldn’t let you go below like 3.2v per battery.


Digitakt/Digitone and Octatrack do have room. Octatrack has less, by the way, it will only fit smaller batteries nicely. A4 mk2 does not have proper room, haven’t looked inside AR yet.

The real reason is the same why I’m having troubles shipping my batteries — they are considered dangerous goods, so this complicates device logistics and adds weight.


Nice work @laikrodiz!

I guess one thing to be aware of is that you probably cannot check-in those modded devices for flights.


There’s no way I’m trusting baggage handlers with my precious Digitakt anyway :wink:


You can have them as hand luggage, but I guess there might be questions if they are in your big bag. On the other hand, my powerbank and shaver also have batteries and I had no problems betting them through customs. The device doesn’t look modded from the outside, so I doubt there will be problems.


Hehe…i am seriously considering it. Well done again.


Lipo batteries can be pretty dangerous not only when discharged below their nominal rate (3.7V) but also if each cell is not properly balanced while charging but also during long storage periods.
More cells=more issues.
Would NEVER EVER stick one of these inside a box like DT.
My 2 cents,


I thought that too its a fair point and a shame for us and them. I do love elektron for the metal enclosures and solid feel it means allot. Nothing is perfect its a good thing we can add this feature and maybe the higher ups with the money can see people actually want this.