Digitakt + MiniLab as external MIDI?

Hi, as the title suggests I have a MiniLab MKII which only has a USB port (no MIDI). I am able to make the connection through Overbridge, and have the Digitakt’s “Receive Notes” enabled. However, the keybed only triggers TRK 1 in chromatic mode, and if I go all the way down in Oct- I can trigger all 8 audio tracks sequentially. However I am trying to use the midi controller to play other audio tracks chromatically (maybe even config the knobs for other parameters?) but no matter what I do I cannot have the keyboard control anything but audio TRK 1. Tried setting the auto channel, no luck.

anybody else with a similar setup that can shed some light on this? much appreciated.


Launchkey Mini is my MIDI Controller.
Elektron Digitakt Ch.10 is the Autochannel on my Digitakt.

This way, whatever Track I select on the Digitakt, the Launchkey Mini controls it.

Each audio channel is set by default to midi channels 1-8. Set your midi controller to these channels to lock playing to a track.

You can also play them using auto midi and selecting the track you want to play using the track buttons And keeping midi controller set to auto channel (default 10).

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The first method works. However, the second one (auto midi) when I select channel 10 on the midi keyboard, nothing works. I switch TRKs on the digitakt and nothing works on the MIDI keyboard. Only if I do set the MIDI to each respective channel from 1-8 it works.

thanks mate, but I’m trying to ditch the DAW. Also for some reason, the MiniLab isn’t so plug-n-play :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s the advantagge with the Launchkey Mini MK3, it has a TRS to MIDI connector. No need for an in between box.

I was showing you with Ableton because you mentioned Overbridge.

Yeah I wish I had bought my Digitakt first, would’ve went straight with something like a Keystep or any other MIDI with a direct connection.

I appreciate it! I am using Overbridge standalone though, really trying to avoid having to stare at the computer screen :sweat_smile:

Alright, follow up issue :smiley:

How can I get digitakt to live record the notes I play on the MIDI? it’s triggering the audio track, but it won’t register the notes in the pattern.