Digitakt MIDI Sequencing Issues

Howdy Elektronauts, I recently purchased a digitakt and have been really enjoying using it, but I've run into a weird midi issue.

I have a modified korg monotribe that about 6 years ago I installed the Amazing Machines miditribe mod into it. For that a span of years of I was using a monomachine as a sequencer for it and it worked amazingly well, along with a number of other sequencers/keyboards.

Well the modded monotribe doesn’t seem to respond to notes from the digitakt very well, the pitches are really random, not consistent at all.

I hooked up the digitakt to a volca fm and it receives the same notes correctly with no issues. I’m at a bit of a loss as to why this issue exists and was curious if anyone had any experience or suggestions for a remedy.


I guess the Digitakt “accidentally” sends some CCs which gets miss-interpreted by the other side.

Check if in the Digitakt MIDI configuration ENCODER DEST is set to INT (instead of INT+EXT). Otherwise the encoders will send CCs when you turn them.

If that’s not the problem, I would suggest to use a MIDI monitor on a computer to check what’s going out of the DT.


Thank you! Turned out audio channel 1 was sending some midi misinformation. Everything works solid now that I turned off the midi from that channel. :cowboy_hat_face:



Apparently when I returned to my battle station the same issue arouse, and it looks like midi channel A was sending two notes two octaves apart causing my the confusion for my poor monophonic synthesizer. I switched to Midi channel B and it sent only one note for a while but then I reactivated channel A and it went back to playing two notes two octaves apart.

This definitely seems like a bug. :expressionless:


It’s very unlikely that there is a bug with such a basic feature.

Are you aware that the MIDI tracks of the Digitakt can send up to 4 notes per trig? Either you send multiple notes per trig on a single MIDI track or multiple tracks send on the same channel.

Check the manual page 45 (12.2 TRIG PARAMETERS PAGE) and then examine your MIDI trigs.


That was my first thought, but i double (even tripled) checked that there were not multiple trigs set up on the midi track. I will try to document what’s happening at some point in the near future.


Since the double notes are as far apart as possible (2 octaves), maybe the trig parameter page have a hard time to visualize it or you may miss-interpret what you see?

I have no Digitakt, so I can’t try how such a double-note-trig may look like on that page …

You can also check for microtiming modifications, but the timestamps are just 1 ms apart. So microtiming would be impossible when the timestamps are correct. Any kind of MIDI loopback possible in your setup? Are MIDI connections directly or going through other devices?