Digitakt MIDI Scrambling/Cutting Out

Hi everyone, I just purchased a Digitakt and right away I’m having some problems with it. I’m using the MIDI tracks to sequence my Novation Summit and Behringer Model D. On the Novation, every now and again it will scramble the parameters. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason why. On the Behringer, it will play half of the sequence, then cut out entirely and not play the notes in the first half on subsequent loops through the sequence. When I start the sequence again it does the same exact thing. Kind of unrelated, but I also noticed when step record is enabled on a track with multiple pages, the first page indicator gets 5 beats the first time and then the page indicator is offset by one beat for the rest of the sequence. I’m hoping I’m just new to the Digitakt and am missing something simple. Any help is greatly appreciate - I want to love this thing.


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I’ll guess your external synths react to some CCs the Digitakt is sending by default. Make sure to configure ENCODER DEST to INT (instead of INT + EXT) in MIDI CONFIG -> PORT CONFIG.

Otherwise the encoders will send CCs out when you turn them (and these CCs will probably match some CCs on your external devices).

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