Digitakt MIDI notes range messed up?


I am trying to sequence analogue synth with Digitakt, but encountered some strange things there. I’ve found out that note no. 24 (C2) is sent out as note no. 0 (C0). In short, going up chromatically from 0 - 23 is fine, then it starts again from 0 where MIDI note no. 24 should be.
To double check the issue, I hooked it to Pure Data in order to see what is happening at the DT’s MIDI out. All notes from 0-23 are triggered as they should, but notes from 24 - 127 are triggered twice?? Let me show you what I see in Pure Data console:

Pressing DT’s note 0 gives 0 in PD. OK
Pressing DT’s note 12 gives 12 in PD. OK
Pressing DT’s note 24 gives 24 AND 0 in PD. Not OK.
Pressing DT’s note 127 gives 127 AND 103 in PD. Not OK.

BTW, those higher notes in double triggered events are happening in “no time”, so only the lower ones have some duration and are audible if I connect it to external instrument.

Anyone have a clue what is happening there? Is it maybe some MIDI convention that I am not aware of?
Thank you for your help!

Have a similar isse sequencing my analog synth. The notes are just not recored correctly when I play them on the chromatic keyboard on the DT. Theres a pitch shift. Also some notes are not triggered.

Just an update. I issued a ticket with Elektron user support. Opening the brand new project solves the issue, but they could not find the cause of the problem on my existing project.

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I had exactly the same issue. I was using the first of the Midi tracks. When I switched to the next midi track it worked OK. It appeared to transpose notes I was recording in via the external keyboard. A brand new project also resolved it for me. I could not find a reason and was looking for setting for several hours… :slight_smile:

I had the same issue with the Nord Drum 3. It seemed to happen during recording. Will check the new project fix.