Digitakt, distorted sound after low note

Hello everyone!

(I am very new to music production so maybe I am missing something really easy)

I have a problem, when I connect my Digitakt to my audio interface with the left and right jacks, every note after a low note sounds distorted. For example, directly after a kick the open hat sounds metallic. When I use overbridge I don’t have this problem and everything sounds clear. Is the problem in my (quite cheap) cables or maybe my audio interface (U-Phoria UMC404HD )?.

Thanks in advance!

I would check the compressor settings first. Since I have no Digitakt I can’t tell you how you can access these settings.

What happens when you plug headphones straight into digitakt?

Off topic - Do you want a DT? If so Elektron should give you a special low price, you answer a lot of questions up here :slight_smile: .

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Thanks for replying,

No problems with my headphones on. sounds clean.

The compressor settings are default and dont change when I switch from overbridge to my audio interface.

Tried a new project?

Thanks for the reply!

Tried it, same problem unfortunately.

You said that you tried with headphones on? Was that outside the headphone jack?
Have you tried the output jacks with headphones or plugging it in to another interface? I would double check the interface, is there any indication that the settings could be causing distortion?

Off topic too - Na, I’m fine with my OT and the A4. But I guess a Digitone will join the family soon :slight_smile:

I would test the audio interface via loopback:

  1. Record the problematic sequence via Overbridge first.
  2. Connect the audio outs of your interface to the audio ins of your audio interface (loopback)
  3. send the recorded sequence to the audio outs of the interface and record from the ins

Is the new recording also distorted?