Digitakt + Disting MK4 = Good Times

In October I bought the Cre8Audio Nifty Bundle specifically to run into my digitakt. Aside from a weird firmware update required, which is being addressed as I type this, it has been an amazing case - specifically with the built-in MIDI/CV conversion and the 1/4" out. 5/7 with rice.

By far, the module I’m enjoying the most is the Expert Sleepers Disting mk4. It adds an entirely new channel to the digitakt, including VCOs and filters, and most importantly, sample and MIDI playback.

The I1 algorithm plays back samples much in the way the Digitakt does, with sample speed corresponding to pitch input.

The I3 algorithm, however, is my favorite. This forgoes speed and pitch tracking for start point modulation - and boom, there you have it: sample slicing. This algorithm even has a built-in envelope, so you can chop as tiny as you want!

Add in the MIDI Breakout module and you can sequence the Disting directly from the Digitakt with no CV conversion necessary.
***BONUS POINTS: jam on the Digitakt and record it into the Disting, then chop and sequence it back onto the Digitakt.

Every damn day I find new ways to use my Digitakt. It plays so well with others.

Thanks for a great community, guys and gals.



I’m ashamed to admit that I have the disting midi breakout but have never used it. Great module though - even for non-modular use as you’ve discovered. I believe the shift registers can also output midi!

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I had no idea. Oh my God.

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