Digitakt Digitone Ableton Live 10 setup project file

Ive done a setup project file for Ableton Live 10 Digitakt Digitone with grouped midi and audio tracks. Utility effect, plus 12 db on all audio DT tracks and plus 6 db on DN audio tracks.
Get the setup here, hope it will save you some time



I’ll try it out, thank you for sharing!

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Hi man,

Do you use the Digitakt or Digitone as an Audio Interface in Ableton or do you have a seperate one?

Yeah this looks great! Thanks for uploading.

What’s your routing system for the DT/DN? And do you use a midi keyboard?


Im using Ivar Tryti,s setup https://youtu.be/gq6oUVZ-1wQ

im using a midi keyboard midi in to digitakt auto channel 10 playing both machines and im using push as well controlling overbridge for both.

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Also im using a separate audio interface, but i think it will work fine with the DT DN audio interface

nice; just ordered a keyboard and now you’re replying :smiley:

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New setup Live 11 project for DT DN Overbridge is midi mapped for Push download link DT DN OB Push setup live 11 Project.rar - Google Drive


I love this! I guess the only thing that is confusing to me a little is the “auto” tracks?