Digitakt crashes

Firmware: Digitakt_OS1.11_BETA6

I have copied the Digipak Vol.1 to the device with the Elektron Transfer. When I listen to the songs one after each other the device crashes often with:
SSP: 4 VECT: 03
FS: C SR: 2004
ADDR: 05300000

The usb connection to the overbridge SW is disconnected and I can only shut off the device. Did one of you guys also have such an experience? The error is reproducible.

where did the pack come from?
i thought most packs were only mono wav files and didnt include songs/patterns but i havent bought any.

probably worth filling in a support ticket on the elektron website with all the details you can.

Directly from the electron.se site. Digipak Vol.1 from
Ryan Hrechka
August 31, 2018

Sorry I can’t find the pack right now on the site…

All of the digitakt soundpacks have been a collection of wav files only. No pattern data, no sounds. There wouldn’t be song data either as the digitakt lacks a song mode.

Whatever the source of the crash, you should report it to Elektron by following the instructions given here: