Digitakt changes patch on Virus TI

I’m experiencing a situation where, initially, if I have Logic Pro X play the Digitakt MIDI track triggers notes on the Virus normally. However, if I stop Logic and start it playing again, somehow it changes the patch on the Virus. I deleted the sequence on the Digitakt MIDI track and initially, if I press the key for the MIDI track on the Digitakt it triggers the Virus as expected. If I then stop Logic and start it again it changes the patch on the Virus as well. However, if I play the notes on the Virus keyboard instead and start and stop Logic, it’s not changing the patch. It seems that the Digitakt is somehow changing the patch, but I’m not sure why. I have the Bank and Program controls for the MIDI track on the Digitakt disabled.
If anyone can tell me what I’m missing it would be very much appreciated.

Odd, hmmm. Double check that there’s no other midi tracks enabled on the digitakt, check the LFOs too.

I have the MIDI tracks set up in the Environment with the Channel Splitter object routing the MIDI signals to parts 1-8 in the Virus. The other MIDI tracks in the Digitakt are muted and have not been set to do anything yet. Not sure how the LFOs could have the effect I’m experiencing with a complete patch change, but the LFOs haven’t been set to do anything.

I think I may have confused the monomachines midi lfo with the digitakts. I haven’t done much with the digitakt but I recall my old monomachine being able to send patch changes to via lfo. I am grasping at straws not sure what the deal is. :thinking:

I thought it was a reasonable expectation that anyone responding to this post would have some real knowledge of the subject that would contribute to a solution to the problem I’m currently trying to deal with. Some real knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

In digitakt midi routing I have the first 8 tracks set to midi channel 16 and 9-16 (on midi channel 1-8). helped solve few midi issues which you mention with the virus… in the virus make sure your multi tracks correspond to the same midi channels on the digitakt ,

Thanks for your response. However, it’s not the MIDI routing that I’m having a problem with, it’s the fact that, for some mysterious reason the sound changes to something other than the sound I programmed.

Could you post:

  • the MIDI connections between the various units, and
  • the settings in the Digitakt’s MIDI CONFIG sub-menus

I had similar problems when sequencing a Toraiz AS-1 from the Digitakt. It kept changing the sound when I started the DT sequencer.

As well as the Bank and Program controls on the DT, I’d also check the CC Select (AMP) page and, more importantly, the CC Value (FLTR) page. By default I found a lot of mine were set to 0 values rather than being deactivated. This can have weird effects on the receiving synth. My “Presets” project was all like this. A “Create New” project is properly blank with no strange CC routings or values.

It might not fix your problem but could be worth a try.

Thanks for these posts. Your advice is much appreciated and I will get back to you after I’ve checked things out on my end.

It seems that the problem is solved. I disabled all the CC Values and it no longer changes the patch on the Virus.
Thank you so much for your help.


i have a similar problem
DIGITAKT + VIRUS TI using it with multis (different channels for different tracks)
track 16 for midi PC to associate patterns with multis
no computer
all well, but…
when i hit DOUBLE STOP DT changes my patch in the virus
this crash my sessions

i had to disable midi PC and now change multis manually (which is a shame)
the problem seems to come from the DT

I’m using a Mac so I’m not sure if that makes any difference, but like I wrote in my previous post, I disabled all the CC Values and that seems to have fixed the problem for me. (see Fuseball’s post) Also, I’m using Overbridge with MIDI over USB. Be sure to get the Overhub, it’s the only way to fly. The Virus has it’s own dedicated USB since what Access insists on in the manual.