Digitakt And Virus Ti in DawLess setup... stable?



Nope the stop start is the give away. I will write down all settings on the two units tonight and post. The fact that its changing the patch to a ram patch means that the DT is sending a program change…its fixable…but the below is from memory so try n see if it works.

In the interim go into the setting of the DT
Midi config
Port config
Output channel to trk ch
Param output to cc
Next 3 to int

Then exit and go to the channels menue
Set track 1 to channel 1
2 to 2
3 to 3
Etc etc 1 through 16
Auto channel off!
Program chg chanel to 9

On the virus edit midi config
Global channel 9
Soft thru off / NA
Midi device id omni or 1
Arp note send NA
Midi clock sync to external
Midi volume enable
Program change enable (for single)
Multi prog change disable (for single)
Swap last 2 for multi patch use…

And midi cc for pan is #10

Also on the DT dont forget on ch9 or 1st midi channel to set the midi channel! And program change to the patch you want…scroll up for other midi cc numbers that are fun with plocking.


Did you work it out?


Unfortunately not. I followed all the steps. Unless I’m doing something blatantly wrong (which wouldn’t surprise me) lol


Maybe type back the midi settings in the DT and Virus…encombersom but something may stick out…:slightly_frowning_face:


If you have a PC, you can use midi-ox to see what messages the DT sends to know for sure. There will probably a similar app for the Mac I imagine.


It seems to be sending note on and off repeatedly besides clock


Fyi still happy to skype but today is my 45th birthday…so nowhere near my studio or pc…:wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink::beer::beers::clinking_glasses::tumbler_glass:

Is that the DT USB?

If you are connecting from the DT to the virus via a MIDI DIN cable is there a way to get a reading from what is comming out of the 5 pin DIN…?

ie send midi to the virus through the DIN switch on the midi pass through in the virus and see what the software tells you is comming out of the virus via USB via midi through? Especially with the stop start thing??


SOLVED! The virus output configuration needed adjusting. Thanks so much Adam you’re a legend


Could you post the Digitakt and Virus settings please so others in this situation can use this post for guidance?


Hey OverUnity

What worked was the same settings as described above, just scroll up.

The actual problem here was not DT related as suspected (mainly by me!!), but Virus “Hardware Damage” in a 6.5 out… and Virus Output settings that were legacy of a previous owner…and not likely to occur in any other set up. :blush:

If the above set up description needs more explaining or fleshing out let me know and i will chip away at it…


Hey guys,

I’m glad it’s all now working, these problems can be a really head scratcher sometimes.

I should have read further up the thread - this is what comes of waking up to feed hungry babies at 5:30 in the morning and jumping on Elektronauts! :slightly_smiling_face:


Dude…there is a 5:30 in the morning? Sounds wrong…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Tell me about it!
I’ve had words with my twin babies about waking up so early but they just laugh at me. :rofl::heart_eyes:


in my hunt for a midi CC# i found this (on what used to be this forum)…


My how things have really changed :rofl: or maybe not at all

Virus TI Midi CCs
0-Bank Select
1-Modulation Wheel
2-Breath Controller
3-Contr 3
4-Foot Controller
5-Portamento Time
6-Data Slider
7-Channel Volume
9-Contr 9
12-Contr 12
13-Contr 13
14-Contr 14
15-Contr 15
16-Contr 16
17-Osc1 Shape
18-Osc Pulsewidth
19-Osc1 Wave Select
20-Osc1 Semitone
21-Osc1 Keyfollow
22-Osc2 Shape
23-Osc2 Pulsewidth
24-Osc2 Wave Select
25-Osc2 Semitone
26-Osc2 Detune
27-Osc2 FM Amount
28-Osc2 Sync
29-Osc2 Filt Env Amt
30-FM Filt Env Amt
31-Osc2 Keyfollow
32-Bank Select
33-Osc Balance
34-Suboscillator Volume
35-Suboscillator Shape
36-Osc Mainvolume
37-Noise Volume
38-Ringmodulator Volume
39-Noise Color
42-Filter1 Resonance
43-Filter2 Resonance
44-Filter1 Env Amt
45-Filter2 Env Amt
46-Filter1 Keyfollow
47-Filter2 Keyfollow
48-Filter Balance
49-Saturation Curve
50-Contr 50
51-Filter1 Mode
52-Filter2 Mode
53-Filter Routing
54-Filter Env Attack
55-Filter Env Decay
56-Filter Env Sustain
57-Filter Env Sustain Time
58-Filter Env Release
59-Amp Env Attack
60-Amp Env Decay
61-Amp Env Sustain
62-Amp Env Sustain Time
63-Amp Env Release
64-Hold Pedal
65-Portamento Pedal
66-Sostenuto Pedal
67-Lfo1 Rate
68-Lfo1 Shape
69-Lfo1 Env Mode
70-Lfo1 Mode
71-Lfo1 Symmetry
72-Lfo1 Keyfollow
73-Lfo1 Keytrigger
74-Osc1 Lfo1 Amount
75-Osc2 Lfo1 Amount
76-PW Lfo1 Amount
77-Reso Lfo1 Amount
78-FiltGain Lfo1 Amount
79-Lfo2 Rate
80-Lfo2 Shape
81-Lfo2 Env Mode
82-Lfo2 Mode
83-Lfo2 Symmetry
84-Lfo2 Keyfollow
85-Lfo2 Keytrigger
86-OscShape Lfo2 Amount
87-FMAmount Lfo2 Mount
88-Cutoff1 Lfo2 Amount
89-Cutoff2 Lfo2 Amount
90-Panorama Lfo2 Amount
91-Patch Volume
92-Contr 92
94-Key Mode
95-Contr 95
96-Contr 96
97-Unison Mode
98-Unison Detune
99-Unison Panorama Spread
100-Unison Lfo Phase
101-Input Mode
102-Input Select
103-Contr 103
104-Contr 104
105-Chorus Mix
106-Chorus Rate
107-Chorus Depth
108-Chorus Delay
109-Chorus Feedback
110-Chorus Lfo Shape
111-Contr 111
112-Delay/Reverb Mode
113-Effect Send
114-Delay Time
115-Delay Feedback
116-Delay Rate / Reverb Decay Time
117-Delay Depth / Reverb Room Size
118-Delay Lfo Shape / Reverb Damping
119-Delay Color
120-Contr 120
121-Contr 121
122-Keyb local
123-All Notes Off
124-Contr 124
125-Contr 125
126-Contr 126
127-Contr 127


Just saw this thread today.
I use OT and Snow as main combo and I have to say that Virus is easily put in panik situation when receiving lot of cc.
The patch change is always late (one trig minimum of the new bar of the new pattern).

For live, I use the OT song mode to permit soft transition (call the new patch) and give time to Virus to change patch before launch a new song. This technic as a cool side effect : the Virus makes morphing between the two patches, this is always cool transition between the differents parts of the live.
But one thing sure : impossible to make instant patch changes. The only synths I use and be able to instant change are DSI Evolver (a real cool ability) and the Waldorf Pulse Plus (the first of the name).


Interesting. I find the OT unreliable for Program Changes generally tbh, the DT and DN are much better and it can be p-locked. I don’t use P changes with the virus as I use VC to manage the working state.

I think the problem with OT is that it doesn’t send changes reliably after it’s first sent them, as far as I understand they are sent when changing parts, not Patterns, and it will not resend the change if it was last sent. I stopped relying on them on the OT a long time ago. Having said that the DT and DN aren’t perfect either, but they are hopefully working on that as they have finally added LSB to the DN (although it’s broken Bank changes completely currently) but hopefully it’s a sign of improving at least both of these machines.

I had planned to play with p-locking changes with the virus as it keeps the tails of old voices including effects when switching patches at least from the hardware which is pretty unique. I presume it behaves the same way when sending changes.


Great thread!

@Adam9 I’m hoping you might be able to help me troubleshoot a problem with Bank selection from the Digitakt.

I have setup my Digitakt and my Virus TI Snow as you instructed earlier in the thread.

Digitakt Settings

Midi config
Port config
Output channel to trk ch
Param output to cc
Next 3 to int

Then exit and go to the channels menu
Set track 1 to channel 1
2 to 2
3 to 3
Etc etc 1 through 16
Auto channel off!
Program chg chanel to 9

Virus Settings

On the virus edit midi config
Global channel 9
Soft thru off / NA
Midi device id omni or 1
Arp note send NA
Midi clock sync to external
Midi volume enable
Program change enabled

I have the Virus in Sequencer Mode which I understands defaults to Part 1 being set to channel 1, Part 2 to channel 2, Part 3 to channel 3 and Part 4 to channel 4. (Side question, can those channel settings be customized on the Virus in Sequencer Mode?)

On the Digitakt I start with MIDI A set to channel 1, bank 1, program 1. This results in MIDI A triggering Part 1 on the Virus which plays bank RAM 1, program 1. All seems good until I start to change the bank being output by MIDI A. For all banks other than 1 I get some weird results on the Virus.

Setting bank 1 on MIDI A results in RAM 1 on the Virus
Setting bank 2 on MIDI A results in RAM 3 on the Virus
Setting bank 3 on MIDI A results in RAM 5 on the Virus
Setting bank 4 on MIDI A results in RAM 7 on the Virus
Setting bank 5 on MIDI A results in ROM 1 on the Virus
Setting bank 6 on MIDI A results in ROM 3 on the Virus
Setting bank 7 on MIDI A results in ROM 5 on the Virus
Setting bank 8 on MIDI A results in ROM 7 on the Virus
Setting any bank on MIDI A above 8 continues to result in ROM 7 on the Virus

This doesn’t seem very logical. I’m assuming it shouldn’t work this way.

FYI, programs change sequentially as expected, the only problem seems to be with the banks.

Additionally, bank changes on the Digitakt don’t take affect unless I start and stop the Digitakt, whereas the program changes happen when I turn the program encoder, without needing to start and stop.

Any thoughts on what might be causing these problems?


Offtopic: been looking at virus ti snow, cause i want a poly synth with a broad sound possibilities. Is snow a good choice and why is it so much cheaper than other ti-s?


The Snow has only 4 parts (16 for desktop classic), just one DSP (against 2) , just one couple of audio out (against three on classic), half count voices and only three knobs to make all programming through the menus.
But exact same sound engine than TI (1).

With training, the three knobs are sufficients and for live you have less chances to commit error with them. But for Studio, the great desktop offers is more confortable mainly with his audio out that permit a better mix with differents sounds (bass, lead an pad can be separate)


It’s probably because you need to assign and p-lock cc32 which is part of the bank message that Elektron didn’t include.

Bank changes use cc0 (MSB) and cc32 (LSB) in combination with a program change message. Program change works on its own using the last selected bank. It’s painful on Elektrons because of this, they have added LSB to DN last month although it’s completely broken, hopefully at some point they’ll add it to DT too. You will probably find you need to run it to send the cc32, stop and run it again to get the desired bank.

The machine will only send the new bank info when program change is changed. It also doesn’t resend the same program change once it has been sent unless you p-lock it, which is a more reliable way of doing it for the moment.

I tend to use VC control for the Virus myself and so can’t be 100% sure it uses cc32, but sounds likely from what you describe. It seems rare to find synths that use MSB and so it was an odd choice for Elektron in the first place. You best bet is probably to use Multi-Mode rather than Sequencer Mode and set bank changes there and just use program changes from the DT, that takes the headache out of it all.