DIGITAKT // Ableton *blue hand* and moving across banks of parameters in plugs or Live devices

I was thinking about trying something but my Digitakt will only arrive next week so until then this is all in theory. Maybe you guys could tell me if this is possible.

I was thinking about using the 8 midi tracks of the Digitakt to sequence 8 plugin tracks in Live. The plugins I’ll be working with are all from u-He, mostly Diva, Hive2, Re-Pro5, Bazzille and Zebra2.

Usually for consistency I’ll configure all plugs to have a maximum of 64 parameters available for automation in Live, so in order to control any of these parameters, having a way to move up and down the banks is essential.

So in my liveset i don’t map anything, instead i take advantage of the blue hand in Live to control which device is selected and use Clyphx Pro to navigate across my whole liveset which includes any device but also which bank of parameters I would be controlling.

I like using the Midifighter Twister for this because it has 16 knobs (which work as buttons too), meaning I only need to have 4 banks to gain access to controlling all 64 parameters of any plugin or Live device.

(For reference I use the 4 top buttons of the Midifighter to change which bank i would be controlling, so pressing button 1 will control parameters 1 to 16, pressing button 2 parameters 2 to 32 and so on… btw I use an extension of Clyphx Pro called “Bindings” that allows for dynamic mapping, if your interested in knowing more about this take a look at NativeKontrol forum or find some related info on the Isotonik website.)

Anyway with this said, my question is how could I achieve the same result but using the knobs on the Digitakt without having to manually map things. Is there a way for having the knobs following the blue hand in live? And if so, how could I move these banks up and down in order to be able to control 64 parameters either in a plug or Ableton and device?


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I guess that thread will help

Hi Pete, thanks!

I was talking in pvm with garf (the guy who made these scripts) and unfortunatly it won’t do the trick.
I did had an idea for making it work but because the buttons on the encoder itself are not midi CC (instead they are used for internal cfg) I cannot use those cc’s to change device banks which would be gold since this is actually the way I use the Midifighter Twister for quickly changing banks and also navigating to any particular device in any track in Live.

I could do it using the 8 midi buttons (1-9) but I would lose those same buttons for selecting the track in Live that i want to control.

Guess next week when the DT arrives i’ll start to get some answers.