Digitakt 1.04 : Bug reports


Does anyone know if the same team at elektron that is working on the os/bug fixes on digitakt is also doing the os/bug fixes on octatrack mk2? Was kinda hoping we would see some new patches soon but now it sounds like they might have all hands on deck with a buggy mk2 now. :confused: hope they have separate teams for this stuff.


You can read the names of the developers in the manuals for each machine. You will find the lists of names to be very similar.


Sure it’s been mentioned but yes it freezes when sequencing external gear, just a Blofeld in Multi mode I can get about 5-6 midi tracks going before the Digitakt becomes unresponsive but the sequence will keep playing until the unit is shut off and on again.
Usually I will have record on the Digitakt going as well when it freezes the most.


My Digitakt (running OS 1.04) freezes during general use—with no MIDI or USB connected. There is no one specific thing that makes it freeze. After I shut it down via the switch, it sometimes will not power back up for several minutes.

Is this a known issue, or anyone else having this? I see a lot about freezing/crashing here (and in the 1.03 thread), but I didn’t see a mention of problems related to it not powering back up.

I’ve had it for over a month now. It’s always had occasional freezes, but it just started to have the power issue. It was on for about 30 minutes in a well ventilated room… if that helps. I do have a ticket open with Elektron, but I haven’t had a response or automated email notifying me that I opened a support ticket. Unfortunately, this is my first post to the forum here :frowning:


It took longer than 30 secs before it would come back on. Anyone know how to read the error codes on crash, or are those only of value to the engineers at Elektron?


This is stuff that can only be interpreted by Elektron. Their support team will ask for the information if necessary. I hope that things get sorted out for you.


Overall, I think this is a great piece of gear and I’m adapting to the workflow nicely. I usually have no patience for issues like this, but am willing to give this company a chance while they sort out issues.


Exactly my problem… I sent a support ticket explaining my problem and they basically said it was user error and assumed I dont know how to use midi… very nonchalant and arrogant attitude…
Now I am waiting and hoping this gets fixed.


I’ve also had it for over a month and it never had any problems (running on 1.04 like a charm)…
Until yesterday: It now freezes when I power it up (during the logo fading sequence).
I tried to reset it but even this doesn’t work…
I sent a ticket yesterday and still no response (I guess that’s totally normal)
If you know anything about this let me know!



I used midi just once and it was like three weeks ago and now there’s now way I can access any settings and change whatsoever


Ok I had a crazy weird glitch.
Pattern just stopped emitting sound.
Was working on pattern 5, switched to pattern 4, back to pattern 5 a few bars later and nothing… no sound.
Samples there still, unmuted all pattern mutes, switched back to pattern 4 and sound was back, switched back to pattern 5 and nothing again. Trig lights flashing, everything looked great but no sound.
Kinda freaked out a bit and switched it off, waited 30sec and booted back on and hit play and pattern 5 played as usual… disconcerting to say the least


Another update from my ticket about the midi freeze issues, looks like they are working on a fix, at least it has been acknowledged.

"There are a few known bugs that cause crashes with MIDI. One that is more common than the others is when you have external sync and edit the MIDI tracks.

We are currently working on an update to improve stability and quite a few identified issues will be solved for that update."


Mine crashes all of the time now—midi or no midi connected. Elektron’s response was vague and not helpful, and left me wondering what to expect. So now hopefully I can return it for something else in its place. This sucks, because I really want to like the Digitakt and Elektron. I waited for this on back order for months instead of going with something else.

Elektron should have focused on releasing this as a solid piece of working gear before new versions of the OT and A4. I’m guessing that they don’t have engineer resources for all of these products coming out in a short time.

Too bad!


I understand what you are saying, but this is a self-contained unit running a proprietary OS. My issue isn’t even a result of issues from configuring with third-party gear or software. It crashes using factory samples, running stand-alone.

Elektron support didn’t recommend anything for me to try, as you are mentioning, which leads me to believe their support isn’t the best.

Which thing that you mention will not wipe out my saved projects? From what I understand, there are no backup options.

Thank you for your input.


My point about this being a self-contained unit is that it isn’t affected from things like various inner peripheral drivers (like a PC), or different applications running on it, etc. I see other people in here saying that theirs worked fine, and then all of a sudden it started crashing for no reason. Mine came to me with 1.04 on it already, so it didn’t start happening after an update in my case. So what impacted this behavior since it doesn’t get automatic daily updates (like an iPad)? So before I rush and reset it, I want to hear what the manufacturer has to say. If it’s going to be a long wait for them to work it out, I’d like to look at other gear options.


Finally got my DT to crash repeatedly - possibly caused by MIDI feedback loop. I run the DT into a MOTU Micro Express, from there it is routed to all external synths. My controller (a Prophet 6) is routed into the DT, but also needs to receive MIDI from DT. So I have to turn “Local Control OFF” on the P6 when tracking MIDI for it, otherwise I get a feedback loop and usually a freeze. The problem with that is the DT doesn’t seem to pass through NRPN or CC, so all I get is keyboard, nothing else is passed through the DT back into the P6.

The MIDI sequencer is really cool but leaves a A LOT to be desired. I know the DT is a drum computer and sampler first and foremost, but the MIDI track implementation is half-baked. There should be a way to export MIDI tracks as “sounds” also, so I don’t have to remap my CC’s for every synth or be copying tracks between patterns just to get the instrument setup.

And please, bring back the option of having DT send MIDI Clock but not MMC! Every time I hit “Play” on DT, all my sequencers start going. I don’t always want that. I think I can filter out MMC from my MOTU patch bay but not sure.


Not sure I understand. So I can save MIDI tracks as individual “sounds”? My bad…


ahh I see, I can save a kit of midi instruments, but that isn’t what i’m looking for. it is helpful though. but if i load a kit into a pattern, it will replace all my tracks. I just want to be able to save “instruments” so-to-speak


Lock Trigs doesn’t seem to work properly on looped audio on my unit - they cut away previous note, sometimes (when automating filter for instance) they produce note-trig under the automation (using default trigger pitch) etc. - I like to work with waveforms but there is no way to record automation properly this way - I can reproduce this issue everytime, some other Digitakt users also report it in other topics as well- is it supposed to be this way?


Found a bug where I copy the trigs of a track to another track, then temp safe pattern. Then when I hit reload pattern, all plocks on that track are gone. Really strange. Anybody else experienced this?

Edit: also found a fix for now. It happens when you have a sample slot p locked and copy the trigs of the track to another pattern for instance. When this bug appears, simply re-assign one of the p locked sample slots and it won’t happen anymore.