DigiPro Wave

I love the DoubleDraw machine, FM Stat…

But I’ve always wanted to understand the original DigiPro Wave machine.

I LOVE the way it sounds, but I’ve never really understood its functions/parameters.

32 waves… that can be morphed into each other like every other wavetable synth?

Does wave phase restart need to be turned off?

The manual is vague and there is virtually no info online.

DigiPro Wave experts, please enlighten me! So I can finally make proper use of these beautiful sounds!

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Come on, there has to be a Monomachine expert around here somewhere!

It’s still a bit of a mystery to me as well. Actually I only figured out this year that the waves in it are fixed and have nothing to do with the user waves :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: the previous explanation was totally incorrect. I’ll leave it below the line, but here’s how it really seems to work:

The DigiPro Wave machine accesses 32 wave files in ROM. Each file contains 512 sample values. The machine can ‘morph’ between two adjacent waves, in a very simple way. To generate the output waveform, it plays the samples of the selected wave file up to the ‘wave phase’ position. When this position is reached, it switches to the next wave file for the remaining samples. It may or may not apply some smoothing at the switchover point.

It’s best to check this with an oscilloscope:

mm dpro wave 1

The WPM ‘lfo’ is really just like applying an LFO to the WP parameter, but there are some differences: the speed of the sweep doesn’t depend on the MM tempo, and there is no depth control (it always does a complete sweep). WPRS switches the WPM LFO between free running and note trigger.

Old, incorrect explanation:

There are 32 fixed wave tables with 512 waves in each one.

The WP parameter allows scanning through the waves in the selected table, but since it has resolution 127 it will skip some waves.

The WPM parameter is like an LFO for WP. It’s different from using an actual LFO on WP though because WPM scans through all 512 waves (not just the 127 you can get to with WP). The manual calls this ‘continuous sweep’.

WPRS switches the WPM LFO between free running and note trigger.


Thank you very much! So what you’re saying is that S01 for example, is actually a waveTABLE.

Wave phase allows you to select different waves in the table and wave phase modulation sweeps through the table.


And I understand your point about 512 waves being… delegated to the 127 parameter points.

Again thank you, really cleared that up for me

Yep that’s the gist

Actually, my earlier explanation was very incorrect. Post updated with a better one.

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