Did I delete all of my MNM data?

I have a Monomachine SFX60+ MKII. Just diving into the +drive as I have never used it before. It was my understanding that the +drive was an additional place to load snapshots from but that you could return to the default internal storage of the machine at any time. I loaded a new snapshot to try it out and it seems that I am unable to get to my original snapshot which I presumed was stored in some sort of non battery based internal memory.

Am I totally screwed? That snapshot had 6 years of patterns and kits so I am really hoping that I didn’t majorly mess up and lose everything!

Any luck?

yeah unless you save the stored memory into a snapshot first, loading a new one will replace whatever is currently stored on a mnm.

unless you did a sysex back up via midi at some point it’s gone.