Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


From “The Power of Now”?


You’ve ordered it no? Funny part is I’ve never actually read it myself but have heard about it many of times and it’s supposed to be really good. It is quoted a lot and I’m more familiar with the little tidbits from the quotes, which I very much enjoy…


I ordered it used online, but they not only sent me the audio on cd, but they sent me only the latter half of it!

I’ll try ordering it again, hopefully it arrives before I move


The power of later?
Where you moving?


I’m moving from Chicago, back home to Louisville, Ky. Been over a year here, still got no circle of support. And my temping didn’t lead to a permanent position. Also, I look back, and MAN this last year has been the most boring year of my life since I discovered alcohol!


Just ordered the book. Hopefully it’ll get here within a week. AND! Hopefully I’ll read it?


Come out west, good times to be had, great music scene, beautiful nature, and all sorts of neat open minded forward moving people from all the other states move here, it’s our gathering spot. I’m from Grand Rapids…


When I get my stuff together, I’ll head out there for a visit. We’ll grab a drink at that herb bar. I might even bring an elektron box and we’ll have a little mini-elektronauts meeting. :smiley:


Come to straya mate!


Kratomonauts planning a mission eh?
Good luck to you. If I wasn’t elbow deep in shite I’d be on that rocket too!


Seriously, I don’t know how old you are and if you’ve been out west, but me moving to Eugene OR from Michigan in 99, completely change my life. And then there’s Northern California… It’s like an entire different country out here. Almost the norm is to be environmentally conscious, into health, into music, friendly, open minded, etc… And the mountains and nature are gorgeous…
It might seem hard to make the move but with a little determination it’s quite doable. I even hitchhiked once from MI with not much more than $20 and a backpack and got there fine…
Worth checking out at the very least…


He will need a big backpack for all his synths.


In these days all I had was my baby taylor…

But I’m just saying where there’s a will there’s a way, synths and all…


Whats a baby tailor


It’s a mini guitar made by Taylor, who make nice acoustics, parlor size to be precise…


Damn! I thought it was actually a child named Taylor :smiley:


Moving again doesn’t seem in the cards for a while. It’s much harder to meet and form a connection with new people(in real life) now that I’m no longer a drunk. But I love to explore, and a kratom-bar and potential jam session with a fellow Elektronaut seems like one of the better reasons to go visit places.

So I’ve got California and Australia as vacation destinations :slight_smile:


I should of said it was my really young friend who made sure my thrift store close fit me… :ecstatic:


snap election on June the 8th, which means 6 weeks of politicians tiring to eat pleb food :stuck_out_tongue:


Clever power grab by the Tories. They won’t be able to stop Scottish independence tho.


Ha! “Pleb food”