DFAM type sounds w/ RYTM mk1

so i’m experiencing some kind of identity crisis and though i love the workflow and seemingly endless possibilities RYTM offers, i’m looking to find a way for it to sound more alive and cohesive, and i can’t stop listening to DFAM demos on youtube.

does anybody have any experience with trying to get RYTM to sound more unorthodox, something along the lines of DFAM, but with the benefit of having the best sequencer in the world?

my understanding is that part of what makes DFAM so unique is its monophonic nature, so maybe i just utilize one of my dual vco eligible tracks and, as Cenk said, parameter lock the hell out of it?

This is not too far off, methinks:


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I know that some people deal with the limitations of the DFAM by sampling it - so in that sense Rytm with it’s amazing sequencer and sampling abilities might be a great partner (although it would mean owning both!)

that’s true, but also - i’d like to avoid sampling, if possible.

yeah it looks fun, but i’m not entirely sure what the process behind it is. randomizing pages on the fly also doesn’t seem to get recorded, like turning the encoders does.

Yeah, me neither, don’t have a Rytm anymore. Actually only owned one very briefly and sold it once I realized I had way more fun with DFAM.

i don’t think i could take that step as RYTM serves not only as drums but also as bass as well as the brain of the setup, with song mode and everything.

Monophonic would definitely be a good strategy. But I’ll add to that - create a monophonic pattern, but layer sounds per step. I used to do this with my 606 pretty regularly. It makes it more of a noise machine gun than a mere drum machine (and I gather that’s what you’re after a bit, with the DFAM reference)

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Yeah, not suggesting you get rid of Rytm. For me, it was going to be pretty much ”just” an analog drum machine as I’ve got the Octatrack covering samples, sequencing etc. And as much as I liked the sound of Rytm’s analog engines, keeping such a versatile machine for a pretty narrow task didn’t make sense to me.

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seems to me that actually using one of the snare engines is a pretty good way of going about it, was able to tweak something to my liking earlier today.