[ Definitive list ] Octatrack Packs, Chain & Tools

Thanks u too budy

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This one is very good too, adapted I guess for MKI owner too.
Same narrator, Thavius Beck : * 19 Videos * 1h 55m

Elektron 203 : Octatrack MKII Advanced Sampling

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If you’re on OSX and want to make sample chains with a drag and drop interface I made this LopoChain v2 - Sample Chains for OSX


updated with your utility app @dizzy - thanks for the update


Hello friends! Here you can find many free hardware synth samples! They can also pay a fair price and help the channel! ::slight_smile: NM! NOISY MACHINES


hmm what are the thoughts on the chillwave pack? its almost 9 years old, worth the 30 bucks?