Decoding Monomachine Kit Sysex?

Has anyone ever managed to do this? I managed to unpack Rytm kit sysex dumps, but I cannot work out how to decode Monomachine Kit dumps. Can anyone help? The MnM Sysex pdf explains it as follows…

Conventions in this document
Bits are labeled from 0 and upwards. 7 bit data are referred to as data.
8 bit data are referred to as bytes.
How the checksums are calculated
The checksum is generated from the data marked in blue in the tables. It is the lower 14 bits of the sum of all the indicated data.
How the message length is calculated
The length at the end of the message is the number of bytes starting from version and ending with the checksum.
Packing Method
All dump packages on the Monomachine are packed. After that they are 7-bit encoded.
To unpack check if bit 7 is set. If it is the low 7 bits indicate that the next byte should be repeated this number of times in the resulting unpacked data structure.
If bit 7 is not set the byte should just be stored in the unpacked data structure. An 8-bit data, XX, repeated 1 time is encoded 0x81 XX.
A 7-bit data, YY, repeated 1 time is encoded YY.
How the 7 bit encoding is generated
As a SysEx message only allows 7 bit data, 8 bit data blocks are converted as follows:
The first data contains the MSB of the following, up to, 7 data, data[0…6]. Bit 6 is the MSB bit of data[0] and bit 0 is the MSB of data[6]. 7 bytes encodes to 8 data. 8 bytes encodes to 10 data.

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