Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale

Ableton is having 25% off everything software until the 11th.


–AND-- Ableton which owns Cycling74 Max is having a 25% Sale on Everything!

So if you wanted Max8 standalone nows the time.


Title says it all. Samples From Mars are offering the 606 pack for nearly nothing for 6/06 day. Go go go!

5 bucks how can one resist.

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Soundtoys are doing a flash sale on Little Altar Boy, $29 instead of $99 through June 12:

One of the cool things about buying Soundtoys stuff in their sales is that if you decide to upgrade to the suite later, your existing plugins get credited as if you’d bought them full price.

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Sonnox is starting a Summer 50% off sale starting June 12th. I have just about everything of theirs and they continue to be fantastic!

Just came to say the same. Well worth taking Sonnox up on this deal.
Love the DynEQ and Limiter!

Waves is having a sale on their plugins + you get an additional 50% off if you use couponcode HALF. Pretty cool.|views:view=grid-view|paging:currentPage=0|paging:number=20

If you own V Collection 7 Arturia May give you a coupon for Pigments. My coupon deal was pigments for 50US. Not bad not bad

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Did it! Well worth the.crunch.

I can’t stress this enough, the Abbey Roads Mastering Chain is soooooo good! Grab it when you can

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The little plate still sounds fantastic. I use it everyday. I’m a PreSchool Teacher and feel like Peter Pan even if I don’t use it… but when I do… oh jeeeby holy me! It goes down a storm!

damn wish i’d grabbed this!

Reverb has Pigments for $69 without a coupon.


Klevgrand have stuff on sale right now.

A new multi effect plugin just came out too
I was using grand finale on 303 recently , sounded great ( there’s an acid preset that widens it out , distorts it a bit. )

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They got the Roland Superwave with it. Take my money!

At 49 I bit anyways. Actually I was gonna buy it at 149 before the promo ended on July 4. I’ve been making random step sequenced stuff on the maschine MK iii and tweaking synth knobs away with the arturia v collection. Lots of sweet spots

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I really love a lot of the plugs from waves, and they’re just throwing some of them after you now adays.

But I have had several really annoying moments with their whole waveshell installer process, and I just get a bad taste in my mouth every time I think about installing them.

And I think it’s only one license per purchase, so I have to move them from computer to computer every time I want to use them.

But I’m probably just being fussy, great sounding stuff

Grabbed a couple of the WAVES plugins tonight.

What I found most annoying is that on the WAVES CENTRAL installer there is no options offered as to where it is installed or where the plugins are installed. So in Ableton Live where you’ve only got one VST/Plugin folder option, that in my case is a custom location, I couldnt see the Waves stuff.
Their site is not helpful in the slightest - their instructions for instaling on Live is only for a basic install, not custom location. Had to search for ages until I found an article stating you’ve to find a ‘shell’ file (not located where article said it was located - i found it elsewhere). Then took this file and had to duplicate it into my custom VST folder. What a pain in the bum - was this close to emailing their support team until I finally solved it - mostly by luck probably.

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This is awesome but with so many to choose from what are the ones not to be missed (Besides Abbey Road)

Eventide has the H910 on sale for $69…pretty great deal!