Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


OK, I have to ask. What are your top drum picks?


Sure thing! Klevgrand usually have great Black Friday sales, like almost 40%, iirc.

I understand. Currently selling a few things myself. I don’t have Repro but time flies by noodling around with Diva and Push 2. I think I am going to get the Expressive E Touche to have even more control.

Thank you for posting those Neon Circuits Diva patches! Definitely on my GAS list now.


Full Drummachine :
FXpansion Tremor - Softube Heartbeat - DrumSpillage - Maschine “DrumSynth”

Esoteric and Material Percussions (bell, mallet and more) :
Chromaphone 2

Multi-Sample with very good librairies (Expansions are nice too) :
FXpansion BFD3 - GEIST 2

Kick Dedicated Sound shaping :
Punchbox - Kick2 - Vengeance METRUM


That’s a solid list.


I bought Diva on Saturday - didn’t have much sleep since then. Really nice synth, although it eats 80% of my 2600k i7 CPU, i need to resample it quiet often. But every snip of it is just oozing quality.


I downloaded the demo of diva on my 2012 MacBook Pro and at most it bumped the CPU up by 30% as I worked through the presets and tweaked the parameters. Is there a certain preset that’s heaviest on the CPU so I can have another try before I buy it. Just to make sure I can handle it


Looks great, but uses ilok so fuck it. :frowning:


I’d like to recommend Bitwig’s built-in drum synth engines in addition to this list. They’re pretty impressive, especially when you add additional modulation and effects.

I would love to see a drum machine from u-he with a Diva-like interface that models all the classics.


it’s in progress they working on it … (I heard that) But I think it’s acoustic drum modelisation


Both are perfect for that.


Check 3:50 - 4:30


FXpansion Tremor, Sonic Charge Microtonic


Lmfao. Best recollection in the game. But yeah, just throw in a Heat and you’re ahead of the game by quite a ways. :rofl:




This is crazy. Should I get Iris? :thinking:. Looks very interesting. Something different


Iris is positively batshit. (Apologies for the language; it’s warranted.)

That said, I’d demo before dropping the cash. It’s certainly different. :stuck_out_tongue:


Iris looks like my kind of thing. Any idea when the Izotope sale ends? Wait, found it (12/02). Might have to take the plunge…

Trash sounds really good too. Kind of doing a lot of what I’d want from an AH though I’m probably oversimplifying here.


it’s to me as interesting as Granular, of course it’s different… But that’s my go to synth for every textures, soundscapes, experimental multi etc…

Honestly 29 € for 11 GB factory library that’s just … :star_struck: right ?

In a song/track to me there’s Main Sounds and Secondary Stuff, people are always after the big in your face sound but if you not have tools to deal with background / secondary stuff you end with nothing interesting for the track construction. IRIS is one of those tools to work on secondary stuff and it’s really nice to get layers combining with Granular synthesis and some effects and you can get very interesting stuff alive in the background… of just lower in the mix

If you don’t know these free collection : it’s appealing for your experimental brain :


It is. Indeed


Also the 11GB of library are wave file and not encapsulated in a proprietary format.
So you can use audio materials in any of other tools to manipulate them :wink:


Right :slight_smile: I already bought it and having my first session :slight_smile: