Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


To me every UHE stuff is the best VA VST … Lush pads, Deep Bass, Chords/Stabs… that’s my go to Synth (otherwise in analog domain is A4 mk2 or Prophet/OB-6 if I have the money for those last two references)

@DimensionsTomorrow Listen this Expansion from twolegstoneworks " Late Night Deep House Chords Vol. 3" For DIVA Synth

And effects are same goodness than soundtoys to me


me too hahaha… I would like only effects as I already own Diva and Repro…
If I was brave I would buy it and sell Diva and Repro and voilà…


Thanks for the info everyone. I’m sort of going against the grain a bit (not intentionally), just starting to use a DAW and learning my way around software after being OTB for the better part of two decades. At the moment I just have NI Komplete 12 and a handful of UAD plugins that I use with my Arrow. This bundle looks like I great deal so I’m really tempted to add it to the mix. The effects look nice, especially the tape, and I just put my SE-02 up for sale on the auctions, so the soft synths could be a nice replacement. Thanks for the heads up.

So aside from UAD and NI, UHE and Soundtoys are the ones to look at?


Yes Soundtoys effects are great; I especially like Echoboy and Decapitator. To get a good deal on them, look out for when they are doing offers of individual plugins (for example they were doing a deal on Crystallizer over the holidays). If you buy a couple of individual plugs at a discount you get a big discount if you then buy the bundle.

Other ITB effects well worth looking at are the ones from Valhalla DSP


I’d also add Klanghelm, d16 and fabfilter to that list.

But I’m behind the times with what’s out there currently. Reached the point couple of years ago where I was finally happy with the sounds I was getting ITB and have just been picking up very occasional random plugins since.


I would like to point out something @DimensionsTomorrow : (how I’m gonna write this, maybe the other way around it will be more positive)

Don’t own too much ! it’s better to try (the time you need) every plugins before to own it. Buy only synth that engage you to sound design because you like what’s under the hood and User Interface pleased you. For instance, (and it’s relative to me) the best Synth to me is not necessarily the best for everyone but it’s the one engage me, the one I open every time I start a new track because I like to program. This synth for me is VPS Avenger. I know also where Avenger excel and i use other things to replace Avenger in its cons (again for me)

I guess it’s very important for Synth to get ONE or TWO Synth (best for you) in all sort of sound synthesis, you should have less than 5-8 VST Synth Maximum covering every aspects of Sound Synthesis models (it’s not a truth for effects as I think you can have more than synth it’s less an issue, as it’s become part of experimentation as a module in the chain)


Yeah, I get that. So far I’ve been pretty good, I have only added a couple of select UAD plugins to the collection that came with the Arrow (all at a very deep discount) and I had an old version of Komplete that I bought in 2007 (the last time I experimented with a DAW), so the upgrade to Komplete only cost be like $299 (Reaktor and Battery alone are with that for me).

My aim is to just have a select batch of stuff that I really like. The two other brand names that I have heard name dropped quite a bit are UHE and Soundtoys, which is why my ears perked up when I saw your post. The problem, as with hardware, is that you don’t know what you like until you own it. Haha. I figured this bundle might be a fairly affordable way to see what the fuss is about.


Wavetable &more Synthesis :

Serum, Avenger, Omnisphere, Synthmaster, Massive

VA Synth :

Diva, Repro, Retrologue, ACE, Cypher 2, Stobe 2,

Mono Synth, TB :

ABL3, Strobe, Tal Bassline 101

FM Synthesis :

FM8, Operator, Waves Flow motion, UHE Bazille

Additive Synthesis :

UHE Zebra2, NI Razor, Loom 2, Harmor, Morphine

Spectral Synthesis :

IRIS, Virsyn synths, Vertigo, Linplug Spectral, Alchemy

Granular Synthesis :

Padshop Pro, Granite
(Alchemy - Omnisphere - Avenger : can be used that way too)
Great iPad apps here too

in BOLD my favorites :wink:


Cheers man. Much appreciated. Bookmarked!

I’m gonna take the plunge on the UHE. I’ll let you know how I get along with it.


Physical modeling
AAS Chromaphone 2, NI Reaktor Prism, Logic Sculpture, Ableton Collision


Yes i cover only Synth and not Drums :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise the list would be gigantic
My fav is Chromaphone for Physical modeling

PS: you right but I would like to say drums, mallets, organs, all sort of metallic, wood sounds


U-he is awesome.
The deal is great. I own Repro though, and I‘m more than covered with fx plugins.
Satin would be nice


Repro sounds fantastic!

As long as you like how a Prophet 5 sounds:


these are synths. I never use them for drums :slightly_smiling_face: best harps and bells

Chromaphone is my favorite too


Yeah. I do actually. Quite a bit.

I’m also quite interested to try Diva as it looks like it can do Minimoog and stuff like the old Rolands. I have owned a number of hardware synths over the years (Juno 106, MicroKorg, SE-02, DS Evolver, etc) and I really miss the Juno sounds.

I’ve always been more of a hardware sampler and drum machine person than a synth person, so for me softsynths are much better for space reasons. I also play guitar, so I reserve physical space for guitar gear, lol.

The effects in the bundle look quite nice. I love tape, bucket brigade delay, and reverb as I’m big into everything from old school Jamaican dub music to Boards of Canada, so I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this package.


Hi all,

Satin seems great but it is a sublte effect, from my experience.
not designed for extreme old tape stuff IMHO.

I personaly avoided it and prefered Softube tape, which is also kind of “mixing grade” but can easily go to extremes.


Softube stuff are very great too


Yeah satin is pretty subtle if it’s Lo-fi, fuqt up cassette that someone’s looking for. You can kinda steer it toward that but it’s not great at it.

I use combinations of -
Waves j37
Slyfi Kaya
Slate virtual tape

Between those I can normally get the sound I’m looking for for various tape types. Or at least close enough that I rarely send from ITB out to real cassette.


Like others have said, repro sounds superb. It was a total CPU hog on my last laptop (Dell XPS 9550) but my MBP is handling it ok for now. I’m sure it will cave in if I have like 7+ instances plus a couple repro 1’s in there too mind you.

I’ve played with Diva a little bit and it also sounds great. Had promised myself no more music purchases for a bit but having set things up on the MBP and basically not bothering with any vst’s other than those in KU11, Omnisphere and Repro, I think adding Diva is permissible…!


I’m taking it out for a spin now, and enjoying it even more than Repro! :wink: