Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


Thanks. Bagged Digitone for £494.


Rubadub have deals on eurorack today


Is the Arturia V Collection 6 worth $199?


It’s not jesus. It is big brother satan himself!

Ps : do you have a dollar or 2 i’d like to buy a second analog heat before the end of cyber monday! :grimacing:


Lol you think Cyber Monday is what’s wrong with the world? Must be nice.


Origin: 2005


and now down to $1888 for Cyber Monday!


Hello. How are you using the multisampled synth?? You load them in ableton?? Thanks


Yes. All Samples From Live libraries have Ableton presets. They use Simpler in a closed Sampler-compatible multisample mode.


One of many symptoms, innit!


Cyber Monday has been around since 2005-2006, not sure I understand the surprise.

Maybe it is new in the rest of the world? The whole Black Friday / Cyber Monday thing is scheduled in accordance to the holiday shopping season starting the day after the US Holiday of Thanksgiving.


Black Friday is something different in Scotland. Wildest night out of the year! (Last Friday before Xmas and typically pay day for tradesmen).


Black eye Friday here in Northern Ireland


Mad Friday in North West England


Yes yes yes. Unequivocally yes. I had $250 for 5, and then $100 for the upgrade. There’s something nice about having basically every classic synth in one place and if you ever think “Gee I wish I could put a Prophet sound on this song” it’s right there. Some great presets, some easy tweakability, and the added DX7 is great as well. I played with the CMI just a little bit and that thing is like a DAW in and of itself lol.

Companies being able to sell loads of product for cheaper prices due to market demand doesn’t strike me as a symptom, bud :wink:


You getting it bro? Man I love my iMac Pro with cubase 10 and live 10. No performance increase with maschine standalone, but i can deal with that.


I just bought a 2016 Touch Bar with similar specs for a couple hundred less on Friday, it’s on a FedEX plane right now.


Congrats man.


I’ll still use my 2012 quad i5 iMac for most production.

My 2009 MBP was ultra long in the tooth. Bluetooth and touch pad were shot. 4th battery not holdin a charge, Ethernet caput. Plus just other annoyances of an old Mac, having to log out to switch GFX cards, USB2.0, 8 GB max RAM. Only 3Gbps SATA-II
Time for something else to last me 8-10 years.

I hope someone takes advantage of that MacSales deal. It is the bigggest discount I’ve seen on a current MBP and is several hundred below Apple’s own refurbished price. So it should hold more resale value (relative to purchase price)


Some of the other eventide software discounts were mentioned but the current sale on upgrading an h9 to max is pretty solid, especially if youve already purchased a couple of algorithms. I got a used h9 harmonizer for $300 a few months back and bumped it to the max yesterday for $140 (had already grabbed a few algorithms). Now I can add another h9 core and have a fukly max’d 2nd H9 for cheap as well.