Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


Not sure whether their drum samples are on sale but they are really good


Over at REFX; most seem to be $70 instead of $80…


This site has a great (dangerous…) list of iOS sales…

iPad Music Apps?

Personally, I get more mileage out of the Samples From Mars multisampled vintage synth libraries than their drums. And they are always worth it.


I told myself that I won’t be buying anything this Black Friday but I had to buy the 2018 from Mars collection, it was only like 17 euros. Anyone else got it? Any gems in there?

Also got the All samples from Mars pack last year, it is fantastic so I can’t wait to dive in the new sounds!


Seems you would be mad not to buy this for $39.


Would you be more sold if you use the code to get it for $19?

edit Taking the code out as the email says don’t share the code. Someone else is sharing it on kvr though.


I’ve been browsing Reverb sales for hours today,… can’t wait to get into my new place and get an electric piano in there … Off-topic-:smiley:

Scaler is finally reduced at Plugin Boutique, so that will be my only BF buy this year, can’t have it all!


How, the code is only giving me 19? I already bought the full thing last Dec so probably giving a pass to this years.


I was like “eh maybe I’ll get it at $39 we’ll see” but for $19? Shit man I’d be crazy not to.


C’mon Rusty
Spill the beans


Crazy. Thanks


Sonic Academy’s got a sale on kick 2 if you want to make your own kick drums.


Just checked the samples and not for me even at that silly price.
Nearly all old analog sounds. Wouldn’t ever use them
Was hoping for more modern weird and obscure


Samples can be destroyed and modernized :wink:


Yeah not worth the hassle


Check Sweetwater 150 off octatrack


is anything obscure anymore?


2017 15" MacBook Pro Retina Touch Bar, Space Gray
2.9ghz Quad i7 2.9ghz (8th gen “Kaby Lake”),
512GB HD, 16GB RAM, 4GB Radeon Pro 560

Brand New. only $1999 at OWC (aka MacSales) :astonished:

If I hadn’t just taken advantage of a sweet deal on a 2016 floor model with similar specs, I’d have nabbed that one myself.


The big music stores in the EU are really a big disappointment when it comes to BF sales. Many of us have spend a lot of money on Thomann, Bax Music, Just Music…

Only Music Store is giving something back. (I will remember this when prices are ex aequo)

The rest just gives reduced prices on old stock and crap nobody wants.

Only on the software front there are interesting deals to be made, the few really good hardware deals are mainly US based.

/end rant

I am not sad about this, it is just an observation. The gear I am interested in at the moment will never be a part of BF or any other sale anyway.