Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


Jason at Signalsounds is a legend!


Ahhh my bad, mis-read the bax one :disappointed:


Amazon UK also has the monostation deal:
Novation Circuit Mono Station Paraphonic Analogue Synthesizer


It’s all good, I had to go back and make sure I wasn’t mistaken. These deals are hard to keep up with :slight_smile:


OTO Biscuit 100 bucks off. One of my favorites


Cheap DM6


that review is funny lol. You know you don’t have to use the presets, buddy…Plus it’s basically a Juno (with some bells and whistles)–one of the most straight forward synthesizers out there.

Anyone know if it’s really that noisy, though?


Also Model D and Neutrons for $225!


Big discounts on the Sensel Morph – until Monday



entire Samples From Mars library for $39

Other collections are marked down, but the “all” bundle has the steepest discount.



The Analog Four MkII is on sale for $1199 at many online retailers here in the USA. That’s $150 dollars off.

Here, here, here, etc.

Somebody start a rumor!


Just grabbed this. Well happy about it. More quality drums samples than I could imagine.


and for even less, at $1099 at Perfect Circuit


I notice the RYTM MkII is also on sale too.


And Octatrack MkII and Digitone, and Digitakt and Analog Heat MkII.

Here’s the rumor – Is Elektron going out of business??? ADDED: Joke!


100% no.

Moving on…

Back on topic…


Ableton Push 2 with Live Standard or Live Suite

at various online retailers. At least in the USA.


@psyclone001 I’m playing around with Atlas and I really like it except for one thing: I can’t seem to automate the gain, shape, filter etc of each pad. It could be the DAW I’m using (Studio One) but when I play with those parameters nothing pops up to tell me it can be automated. It’s a shame as I like to play with filters and decay of hats to give some breath. But I feel like there’s something I’m missing…

Everything else is great.

EDIT: I’m also finding there’s no way to stretch the samples from the Atlas player. I suppose I could just drag them into my DAW, stretch them, then stick them back in. I feel this is a feature that could be added in an update!

EDIT again:
“Take note that Atlas is not yet set up for automation in a DAW, which means you cannot connect your hardware to the knobs in the software. You can only trigger drum slots and record those sequences in your DAW. We will however be adding automation in a few updates!”

There’s the rub. Good to know they’re working on it. Think I’ll bite the bullet and buy the thing!


Is anyone rounding up iOS deals? The app section on KVR is just blank and synth anatomy hasn’t added any though they are out there. Audio damage, cubasis etc. Think the Gadget in-apps are cut price now too…


There’s been a few mentioned in this thread…