Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


Instant buy for me


I may have to do the same!


Check out the demo
100% functional for 10 days
Has essential features like group chokes, individual outs, sample editing , and important for me is midi mapping can be chosen to respond in a variety of ways including general midi format.
Have all my drum midi loops in GM


I’m seeing discounts of $100+ at US retailers on Elektron Hardware, BHphoto and Sweetwater specifically.


I do wanna try it but I’m also worried I’ll miss out on the 50% off. Does it end tomorrow?


Just checked their site and can’t see when it finishes? When do these sales normally end?
Thought they normally run till Monday?


From Algonauts Facebook


I have a musiccast reciever, and i am very pleased with it. Here you can get 20 percent off, it also calibrates headphones. How cool is that?
R-N803D also calibrates to your room with a parametric eq. Its the first one with this function. I have an older model without that measurement option, but i am already happy with the amp.


“Special” friday at
MFB Dominion Club 333€
Make noise René 349€
Make noise Phonogene 299€


I’m telling myself that I don’t need more software but if this has NKS integration it could be good…

£172 for Arturia V-collection synths @ BAX


Anyone seen a good deal on the analog drive?


Novation Mono station £260


If anyone sees a deal on the Novation Peak, I’m keen to hear about it…


Cheapest at Gear4 - £139


Same price on Gear4 and in stock with next day delivery (not a 10 day wait before shipping)


Keep en eye out on, there isn’t any now but 2 days ago there was a brand new Peak for a good price plus shipping from Europe… I posted the deal earlier in the thread


PiSound 14% discount at Blokas + free international shipping. Code: CYBERMADNESS. Only for orders more than 111€ though…


That’s £50 more expensive at £379 compared to £328


Excellent and even for Linux! :+1:


a pisound + case is , 115 euro, so most orders will be above this :slight_smile:
Ive just ordered a second pisound …they really are great, best interface for a rPI imo.

anyone seen offers for eurorack modules (in Europe) ?
(particularly interested in mutable instruments/expert sleepers, but also others)

best ones so far Ive seen are and
any more?