De-link Part trig placements? (Octatrack mkII)

For the four parts per track, is there a way to de-link the trigs you place on the sequencer from one part to another?

I can’t see the real benefit of having different parts, where different samples can be assigned to the SAME track on different parts, if the trig placements are always linked part to part.

Am I looking at Parts wrong?

No relationship between Trigs and Parts.

Each Pattern has a reference to a Part.

You don’t have to use the different Parts; and they can still be used to have different fx, scenes etc, whilst still maintaining the Machine and Default Track Samples; and you could also look at using Sample Locks as well.



There are 4 parts for each bank of patterns (don’t think of parts as 4 parts per track - the scope is much larger: a part is a complete setup of all tracks and scenes).

The main usage is to use a single part for each pattern and not multiple parts for a single pattern. This way you can have 4 completely different setups for the patterns within a bank.

Of course there are also use cases where even multiple parts for a single pattern make sense. Think of just slight variations of the track parameters, i.e. different effect parameters or different scenes.

So if you want different trigs, just use a different pattern.


Thanks for taking the time to write that. I completely get it now (and yes, was thinking about Parts incorrectly)


…always save parts…
…and then check on switching parts manually on the same pattern…
…and once a part is saved u can even do some kind of control all tricks like in the digis…
fool around on the fly within a part as much as u like, and then reload part…bang ur right back to, where u came from…
breath takin’…promise…
but never forget to switch back parts to their originally intended patterns in first place…after all…otherwise it really gets very confusing…
it’s anyway always a good thing to quick double check overall patterns before u do final project savings…

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yeah this is really fun, just realized you can do this just like the digitakt. It’s great for exploring