DDRUM Triggers And AR

Hi folks, this is my first post in this magic space!
I would like to know if possible to use DDRUM tiggers installed on my accoustic drum set and AR MKI as a drum module.

The AR can only be triggered by Midi unlike say a Nord Drum

The AR has 8 simultaneous sounds on 12 tracks (midi channels - although a single midi channel can be used if you use the first 12 midi notes)

So you will only have midi velocity to work with for nuance assuming you can get the DDrum to send the right midi messages to the AR

If the DDrum can e.g. be configured to send different notes as well as dynamics for a given trigger then you could modulate pitch by sending the channel midi note within a set 4 octave range

The AR sounds great, but you need to see whether the DDrum can talk to it which depends on which kit you have. You may lose some of the onboard functionality that exploits midi pressure unless you have the device to hand, there are other performance controls on board. A lot of the AR value is onboard, there may be better options if you only use some of it (e.g. if you cannot utilise it’s sampling)



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Kinda of topic, but I just got the DR 660 and the pads are the best I’ve experienced. Cant get it set up properly to trigger the pads of my AR. Perhaps through midi oX, kinda weird described in the dr660 manual to.

You either use the lowest possible 12 MIDI notes on any channel
The correct notes the AR expects in its range of 4 octaves on the track channel or auto channel for the current selected

You need to enable external note reception and enable DINmidi too

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Thanks, clueless about DINmidi, but makes sense! thanks again

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