DAW multitrack recording - Octatrack

You can record 4 tracks at a time if you configure the outputs as “Studio Mode” and then adjust level and pan for each track. Of course each track will be mono, but depending on your samples and processing, that may be perfectly fine.

I’ll typically have:
T1 set to Main 127, Cue 0, Pan L
T5 set to Main 127, Cue 0, Pan R
T2 set to Cue 127, Main 0, Pan L
T6 set to Cue 127, Main 0, Pan R


Thanks OGG.

Def would like to maintain stereo signal on all tracks and am looking at recording takes without the need to overdub unless necessary.

I haven’t tried this yet as I am currently setting up my studio to do this. But, it seems that it should work… In theory.

Link each track to your daw via midi. One separate DAW midi channel per OT channel (auto channel turned off). Then record on each DAW midi channel while performing. You cannot record the crossfader movements with midi, but the parameters that the crossfader affects should record to the DAW midi channels. Then you can play back the recorded performance, solo-ing each track at a time and recording the audio to separate audio tracks.

The cue outputs are handy too.

Yeah, this is just an annoying thing about the OT. Even if having 8 stereo 1/4" outputs wasn’t feasible, I wish Elektron had included some kind of digital output, or some kind of Overbridge-like functionality. As it is, it’s hard to make tracks on the OT and then process and mix the tracks after. Like you, I want to be able to perform a track a single time and track that out. :angry:


Am I missing something here? I just set up my DAW to receive midi from the audio tracks ( ch. 1 - 8). Notes from sequenced patterns don’t show up, but you can play the chromatic mode or track mode and anything you are hitting ‘live’ gets sent through midi.
I could swear I’ve recorded midi notes into my daw from a sequence before, but I guess I’m not sure.
Sucks, because your method sounded sweet and I was going to steal it :slight_smile:

I don’t know why this myth persists (that you can’t record the crossfader), because I am totally capturing CC48 (the crossfader) into my DAWs midi track… and , ironic enough, none of the other CC’s from the parameters being affected by the crossfader.


Yup, should work…in theory at least.
Having issues recording any midi data from octa though.
Going to start a new post to try and get info on this. Read the manual BTF and no joy. Musicmagnus if you are already doing this I would love to know your pref settings because I am kinda stuck…

Sorry if this is something thays been beating the bush around here or other threads… Been a while since ive been on this forum since ive been rocking the octatrack on my own now.

Id like to reinforce this idea though. To me having a Digital output box for the usb to connect and multitrack the 8 stereo tracks would be the most conpleting factor for the octatrack. More so than any other feature requests for me because at this point im so deep in creating my music live with the octatrack that i have no way to accurately represent this in the studio.

Has anyone got the midi trick working %100 ? It just doesnt seem that it would be as accurate for the final product

Hey, I know this is 5 years ago but has anyone managed to make the proposed concept happen? That would be such a neat workaround if it works…

I was just going to say the same. I don’t know what this myth comes from. Like “you can’t solo” Cue+trig in the mixer am I joke to you? :joy:

The Octatrack can’t do that, simply for hardware limitations.
Honestly I generally do max 2 take when I want individuals stems.
I don’t know what you do but sometimes I do
1st take main melody Main Out
Kick panned left Snare panned right to Cue out
2nd take
Extra melodic stuff Main Out
Rest of the drums Cue out in stereo
Or I put all the drums to the cue out and on the second take I get one stereo or 2 mono extra from the Cue out.
99% of the time my Bass comes from analogue synth which they just get sequenced from the OT and they got their own chain externally.
And quite often I incorporate external synth which again I don’t process thru the OT.

To be honest if you like so much having individual stems I suggest you use your Octatrack Midi Track and sequence something from your Daw, unfortunately you lose Scene for the Midi track but if you’re cleaver you can set a macro on your DAW controlled from the crossfader.
Otherwise your best option is a drum machine.

Anyway record midi from the OT to my DAW works smoothly for me.

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At @MonstreJumo also did a midi automation

Someone did an Ableton/M4Live script IIRC…

Internal resampling : 8m28s max for 1 track, 1m04s max for 8 tracks.
With midi loopback, you can record crossfader / scenes automation, with some limitations (step sequencer).


That is the right way to go if you want to record seprate tracks. Resampling each track. Automate crossfader, mutes, scene selection with a midi sequencer. Split your track recordings into the allowable time frame (1m04s max) and you are good to go!


If you send the cross fader cc back to the octa it works?


You can record a crossfader automation on the OT with a midi track, but the simplest is to assign a CC1-10 to CC48 on a midi track. Works with scenes too.

I’ve not tried this. But if I had something where each “track” was each element of a song, I’d just sync to my daw with midi and record one track at a time.

This is maybe a silly question, but can you set multiple tracks to each out? For instance,
T1, T2, to Main 127, Cue 0, Pan L
T3, T4 set to Main 127, Cue 0, Pan R
T5, T6 set to Cue 127, Main 0, Pan L
T7 set to Cue 127, Main 0, Pan R

Also, I heard that having fx on the tracks makes this not work???

No Track 8?

Yes, you can pan, set level for each track.

Why not?

Reminder : OT has 8 stereo recorders able to record the 8 tracks simultaneously.
1 track : 8m28s max
8 tracks : 1m04 max


If you just need clean, stable clock sync between your DAW and hardware but don’t need actual MIDI transfer, by far the most cost effecive way is to get an old (pre-USB) MOTU MIDI Timepiece II. They’re easy to find on eBay in the $30-$60 range and depending on where you live you might be able to find one for less locally. I’ve got one around because they’re still really useful as a powerful MIDI router/filter (there’s nothing comparable anywhere near as cheap on the market now), but you can also send SMPTE timecode from your DAW to the MTPII and use it to generate MIDI clock for your hardware. I haven’t used it for that but I did the same thing with my MPC for years. Much better timing than direct clock output from a USB MIDI interface.

Really solid construction, some of the sturdiest encoders i’ve ever seen, no soldering to repalce the battery. Relaly the only thing to be aware of is they’re old enough that the LCD backlight will probably be pretty dim.