Darkwave/Cyberpunk Style Music

So I feel like Elektron gear could easily appease these genres. This post is not limited to Elektron gear. I know people have all kinds of awesome setups!

If you are not familiar, it’s kind of like Synthwave but more Industrial?

Akira/Ghost in the Shell vibes…

Here is a fan made video of a Pertubator song (Death Squad):

Or something like Altered Carbon style music (more synthwave like):

Does anyone make this kind of music? If so please share!

Or share what you listen to that matches these genres as well :upside_down_face:


Love this stuff.
Perturbator, Magic Sword, Dan Terminus, Carpenter Brut, Daniel Deluxe, Waveshaper
Would love to see some videos making this flavor with Elektron. That’s the exact direction I want to go but I am early on in my journey…

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Magic Sword is an absolute hidden gem. Thanks for pointing that out!

Yea I would love to get to this level eventually. My initial goal with getting into electronic music was exactly this, but it’s more difficult than I anticipated heh

Hoping others have made progress on this journey!

I’m trying to get there, but makeup and vanity set owns some elektrons I’m pretty sure!


That is some thicc sound! Thanks for sharing :tada:

I feel like a a nice mix of elektron gear could do this no problem

OT/DN, DT/A4, etc…

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Does this Incredibles meme count? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6I8HZ0tlkxA

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Probably a shade darker than darkwave, but this guy is a big Elektron user.


“Access to arasaka” in a cinematic/glitch style.
“Scandroid” in synthwave style.

The first one is an all time absolute favourite of mine…


I’m afraid so…

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A game release in March “Cyberpunk 2077” has a dope OST that was already leaked and has some good cyberpunk music, here is the track from the trailer.


CD Projekt Red always delivers a highly immersive experience. Cannot wait! Thanks for sharing

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Yeah I know he owns a Rytm / OT and maybe an A4 probably cycles it in and out of his setup ! But lately I’ve been trying to do those overdrive distorted guitar chug synths on the digitone , hopefully will get there soon / it pairs great with rytm drums and then I run just the rytm kick into OT and add plate reverb ! Might try and cook something up today , and always down to share my synthesis. :alien:


live or die !


Here’s one created using Analog Keys and Rytm used in a slight unorthodox way. AK for most drum sounds and melodies AR for sample mangling https://soundcloud.com/murkla/transfered


This is pretty dope

Thanks for the tip on Makeup and vanity set. Good stuff and all some of it is slower paced and a little easier to study.

While not exactly dark, This has some good 80s synthwave ish vibes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjZcBcODQ-I&t=260s

I also like his DT, DN Peak setup. This is exactly what Im headed towards I think. I love running big fat unison on the DN so having something like a Peak would add some voices back into the mix. Plus it would be fun to have a bunch of knobs… It also makes me wonder if A4, AR, & Peak would be a good combo for this style. I find myself playing the DN the most but I think a large part of it is the form factor.

A nice video showing the setup. I learned a lot from this one.

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This feels very polished. OST like. Nice!

Also welcome :slight_smile:

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Huh, I’ve watched a ton of these videos. Never knew who it actual was :joy:

I do think the DN is very capable. I would sample as many of the drums as possible to have some really rich tracks if you decide to get a DT. Or just get some nice samples for the DT. Either way works. The A4 I think would absolutely shred at Darkwave. If I can’t get good sounds out of GRID in Bitwig I might consider it. But as I am learning the DAW (my first one) I am finding some cool results with GRID (pretty much Modular).