Cycles + Samples workflow

Good morning everyone,

I would like to expand my musical possibilities and add to my Model:Cycles a machine to play samples.
I hesitate between the Model:Samples (which would seem to be the most obvious choice…) and the polyend tracker (Which would allow me to open the doors to new sound territories…)

My question could be addressed above all to those of you who use the Cycles/Samples combo to find out if these two machines are perfectly made to work together and if the workflow retains the same fluidity as with the Model:Cycles alone.

Thanks for your feedback.

I have both MC and MS and they play really well together.
The only thing I would have hoped is a audio in, in both device to be able to use a headphone more easily. And a sync output to sync Volca. But with few workaround it works.
Electribe e2/e2s is also a good combo to get some additional sound. Because FM and sample without polyphony is sometime an issue.

When I play MS and MC I use jack between them for managing midi sync. It’s pretty good, and with 12 voice you have something doable.

Thanks for your feedback,
I have an electribe 2s but it’s difficult to go back to Korg’s sequencer after having touched the Elektron…
I tried to make them play together but the fact that the pattern change is not automatic is still annoying.
Is the pattern change is automated between cycles and samples? (if time signatures are identical)

Agree with all of that. Not clear to me what the solution is for filling the gap between FM and samples, but once I’m settled down with the samples (still relatively new) I’ll be adding my micromonsta 2 to the mix.

I have an M:C and I had a Polyend Tracker. I sold the PT, because of the workflow – it’s too much screen staring for me (although it’s a very capable device). Besides, the sound with the PT was a bit “flat” compared with the M:C (not sure if that was just me not knowing what to do).

IMO the M:S is a good choice. But maybe the Digitakt even more since you have a line-in and don’t need an external mixer. Besides, you have much better MIDI options with the DT (compared to both the M:S and the M:C). One thing to note is that muting tracks requires both hands with the M:C/M:S (most of the time) – so if you need to mute tracks with both devices simultaneously, this could be hard to achieve.

I would go with the M:S and use something like the Zoom H6 as a “mixer”. That said, you can get a DT for almost the same price.

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Agree that korg sequencer is shitty.
But polyphony is important for me.
Polyphony is not great on korg, only 4 note on a given track but the envelope let you trigger different note which is the absolute minimum for me.
And being able to have 16 track where I can mute unmute part is also highly welcome.
Because on the Elektron side 6 track is not high…
What I really miss on E2 is the pattern speed scale. I’m able to work on E2 to add a bit of synth.

Automatic pattern change is not included between MC/MS to my knowledge.
Just try and does not find it on the menu.
Same for E2/E2S.

And I would suggest that you look at beefier model if you want those feature.
But anyway from what I read there is complain about the support of pattern change between device. So maybe try to get familiar with the way it works unfortunately :expressionless:
Look like manual pattern change is the way to go unfortunately… Not a problem for me with my really slow pattern.

Both M:C and M:S can send/receive program (pattern) changes. But you have to configure them to do so. Section 12.3 in the M:C manual, 11.3 in the M:S manual.


Hoo thanks, it was just miss configured on mine. The channel for the punch in/out was not the right one :slight_smile:
Thank you !!

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I have both M:S & M:C midi synced tempo + program changes. Feel free to ask any doubt, it’s really easy to setup. I use a Mackie mixer to get both outputs

The only thing I miss is having the possibility to midi sync FILL mode, which would be a great addon

Can confirm I also have M:C/M:S pattern change working. There are some minor caveats though.

Totally agree!..