Cycles+Samples+Keyboard: Midi Routing Question

Background: Present setup is Cycles + small keyboard. Life is simple. Connect the two for midi with 1 minijack cable to Cycles midi in.

I’m considering adding Samples. On the face of it, simple. For the sake of an argument, Cycles as clock master, one minijack cable Cycles out to samples in. Done.

EXCEPT (here’s the question) what’s the simplest way to cable this up to let the keyboard control both the Cycles AND the samples (I’d have them set to receive on two different midi channels) ?

Seems I’m inevitably into midi splitters/mergers/routers at the very least to merge the keyboards notes + cycles clock into the midi in of the samples. Retrokits RK-006 comes to mind as a solution, which keeps things in the realm of minijacks. I’ve also considered using iPad + CCK as a midi router. But don’t really want to mess with connecting and configuring the iPad every time I want to make music. I’ve also considered (1) using a headphone splitter to get two midi outs from the keyboard (which has minijack out) and (2) using the usb/midi on the keyboard as an alternate midi out … but then I’d need to introduce a midi host into the setup.

Anyone running a simple setup like this got any suggestions. Is there something simple I’m missing ?

Perhaps, but you need to reveal the identity of the mystery keyboard in order for us to determine your needs.

Sorry, I tried to keep the question as generic as possible. Hoped for more answers that way.

I’m using a Launchkey Mini Mk3, so there’s a direct minijack (type A) midi and usb midi too.

In this case, the specific hardware capabilities of the keyboard are what matters.

Since the LaunchKey Mini Mk3 has no MIDI In port other than via USB, your choices are to:

  • make all MIDI connections using a USB host (computer or other device), or
  • use the LaunchKey Mini Mk3 as the source of MIDI clock, or
  • use a splitter and a merger.

Ahh … hadn’t considered that one … thank you.